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Protecting car seats with sheets/liners

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TwitchyTail Thu 03-Jan-13 10:18:21

I was just wondering if you routinely cover your car seat with sheets, blankets, muslins, or a special liner. We have bought a maxi-cosi infant carrier with washable covers, but having heard time and time again how much and how often babies leak from every orifice, I was thinking it might be easier to use a cover on top for quick and easy changes.

Dedicated liners seem very expensive and I'm wondering if a simple fitted cot sheet (with holes made to thread through straps) would be just as good. Does anyone else do this? Do you think there would be any problems with doing it?

lagoonhaze Thu 03-Jan-13 10:39:41

Be careful that whatever you use doesnt get in the way of the harness working effectively or add bulk.

Maybe use a piddle pad? Thats the only time Ive needed to wash a car seat - an exploding nappy- once (have two children) and mysecond baby had bad reflux (now reducing at 14mths) .

We used a morrck hoodie anyway instead of a blanket but even that needed little washing.

notfarmingatthemo Thu 03-Jan-13 10:51:43

You can get this type of thing which covers the bum area. They are a good buy for potty training any way. I used to put a bib on and put it over the straps. When they were babies they were only sick on chest pads and straps. So a cover wouldn't have helped. We did get the summer cover for the group 1 seat (1year-4years aprox) to help the seat cover last a bit longer and I saw it on sale. It did make it easier to continue our journey once when one of them was sick all over. I was able to take it off without messing with the straps and use wet wipes to clean it enough to carry on without it stinking the car out. I would look for seat that have quick remove covers. This means you can take it off without unthreading anything. I have always found the covers dry ferry quickly so if you take it of the seat in the afternoon you would be able to put it on in the morning if not at bedtime

TwitchyTail Fri 04-Jan-13 14:56:39

Thanks both! That's really helpful smile Will look into the pads.

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