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Britax Babysafe 0+ seat, any good?

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peanutMD Mon 24-Dec-12 09:45:46

After buying what turned out to be an expired Maxi-Cosi Cabrio we have had to look back into car seats.

As we don't drive and walk/use buses most of the time we didn't want to spend too much but I'm not sure abut some of the cheaper seats, the seat will probably get used a maximum of 20 times in taxi's and possibly v.occassionally my mums car.

So can anyone tell me:

Is this seat easy to install?

Does it last a whole our do babies trend to grow out of it quickly?

Can anyone find it cheaper than £62.76

notfarmingatthemo Mon 24-Dec-12 18:42:44

They are very safe and easy to install. I am looking at getting one where have you found it at that price as that is cheaper than I can find

mybootsaremuddy Mon 24-Dec-12 21:17:37

Excellent seat. We have 3 of them. It should last longer than the Maxi cosi because it has a slightly longer back on it, so good if you have tall baby.

Our 3 are still in theirs at 18mth and 2.8rs(ds3 is V small for his age and only 1inch taller than the Dtwins!*). They have around 2-3 inches to go before thier head reaches the top and therfore 'officialy' outgrown, but if I put them in my friends Maxi Cosi then DS3s head is level with top so its too small for him, so I guess the Britax is around 2'' longer backed than the Maxi Cosi(although dont quote me because ive not actualy measured!)

It is a good solid comfortable seat and easy to install. I doubt you will find it cheaper than you have.

* My DC are small for their age but my friends 'average' size 12mth DD fits in our Britax (with growning room) so it should last you a good while.

peanutMD Tue 25-Dec-12 09:21:51

Farming Kiddicare have it for £63.75 butI'm not keen on them so sent a price match to and they match plus 10%.

But Boots also have it for £63+ £2 of points smile

Oh and Merry Christmas everyone!

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