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Rearfacing to be mandatory til 15mths from next year.

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nocake Thu 20-Dec-12 20:39:02

I support ERF... DD is currently in a Britax Maxway... but these regulations will almost certainly not be law next year. At the very least they will take several years to introduce. They're also require the use of isofix, and many existing rear facing seats (including ours) don't use isofix but are still very, very safe.

notfarmingatthemo Thu 20-Dec-12 16:10:00

My worry will be if car seat makers bring out a seat to bridge the gap between parents thinking they don't fit in baby seat and being able to go forward at 15mths then some parent then may go for a high back at 15mths as they think there baby is 15kg which they may well be but it will not be safe

lagoonhaze Thu 20-Dec-12 09:55:43

Personally I think its about time that this is happening as Im an extended rearfacing convert

It is not known when it become mandatory but I have heard mid 2013. The car seat manufacteurs are already bringing out new seats that could accomadate this but most are stop gap type seats instead of decent extended rear facing. See for the latest news from a baby show

Here are some bulletins and press releases on it

And here are some good resources for info on extended rearfacing (as well as!/RearFacingTheWayForward?fref=ts

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