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help me identify this car seat

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Daisybell1 Mon 10-Dec-12 19:31:40

It's bugging me!

It's for sale on my local facebook site, described as britax and rear facing till age 4. It is being sold with an isofix base which they say it fits.

The seat has rails underneath rather than a big plastic base so it's not a first class. I've googled and eBayed it and I can't work out what it is.

There's a picture on my profile. Can anyone help?

Indith Mon 10-Dec-12 19:35:03

Can't see a picture of it but I love the long cardi 3rd down, where might I find the pattern for that so I can get my sister to make dd one?

Daisybell1 Mon 10-Dec-12 19:38:38

Yeah, sorry, I can.t work out how to copy it across. It's saved as a contact picture on my phone but can't work out how to get it on here as it's not appearing on my gallery.

Thank you re the coat - google Bartlett Car Coat - that should bring up the pattern. Just beware, it's a wool eater!

Indith Mon 10-Dec-12 19:46:47

Thank you!

Can't help on the techy side I'm afraid, I am entirely useless.

HauntedLittleLunatic Mon 10-Dec-12 19:47:56

I would expect that it is a britax that is suitable up to the age of 4 but in actual fact is only rear facing until about 12-15m.

HauntedLittleLunatic Mon 10-Dec-12 19:51:35

Unless.its one of these...


Daisybell1 Mon 10-Dec-12 19:56:43

Picture now up on profile!

2plus3 Mon 10-Dec-12 21:34:17

It's the Britax fix way We have them for our kids. We got ours from Volvo about 7 and then 5 years ago. Yes they use a isofix base and have tether strapes that attach to the front seat. They are group 1 rear facing seats so from 9kg to 18kg ( are the strapes with it can't see in picture ?)
Hope that helps!

2plus3 Mon 10-Dec-12 21:48:35

Just added a picture of ours fitted in our old car which was a Volvo.

mybootsaremuddy Mon 10-Dec-12 22:14:00

It looks like my friends old fix way but I couldnt say for certain unless I saw it from the side because it had a silvery metal bar that ran up each side.

mybootsaremuddy Mon 10-Dec-12 22:20:19

I see 2plus3 got there before me (I had to text friend and ask make of her old seat first!). Im sure it is a Fixway then as 2plus would know what it looked like from the front with having one herself. I only ever saw friends from the side when she was taking her little one in and out.

Daisybell1 Mon 10-Dec-12 22:25:31

Ooh, this is interesting, thank you! It's only been lightly used and they want £50 for it so I'm very tempted now I know it actually is a rear facer.

If it is isofix, will it fit in any car? We've really battled to find something which fits the pickup

Indith Tue 11-Dec-12 07:16:19

Just remember if buying second hand that 1) unless you know the oerson you don't know for sure if it has been involved in accidents and 2) carseats have a lifespan of around 5-8 years depending on manufacturer because teh palstics degrade over time so you would want to be certain of when it was originally purchased.

Daisybell1 Tue 11-Dec-12 21:14:09

Thanks, I'm confident about its history, but I think the straps may be missing in which case it's game over as I don't think I could get them now...

lagoonhaze Tue 11-Dec-12 21:38:10

Tether straps are fairly universial and can be ordered from carseat.se or similar.

Not all isofixs fit all cars with isofix. If your seats are bucketed or if you have storage boxes. Best you try it and see.

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