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Can Mamas & Papas new Primo Viaggio infant carrier be used on old mpx chassis?

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CountryKitty Sun 09-Dec-12 19:01:21

Just that really. We have to but a new infant car seat and wondering whether the new version will be compatible with our 8 year old MPX & Xcel chassis (i think mamas and papas have only just updated these)?

Does anyone know?

MegMogAndOwl Sun 09-Dec-12 21:21:23

I had to buy a new primo viaggio last year for dc2, it still fits on my 6 year old Pliko chassis. It also could still be used with the surefix base we had for dc1.

I think they changed the car seats a couple of years ago so you could use an isofix base. It seems to have an extra fixing on the bottom but the other fixings are in the same place as on the old primos IYSWIM.

If you ring the mamas and papas customer service line they might be able to confirm, I've found them quite helpful in the past. Or could you take your chassis to one of their stores to try it out?

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