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HBB with harness or with 3 point seatbelt?

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CheddarOnToast Thu 08-Nov-12 09:36:05

We don't have a car, but we have car seats at parents' houses for use when we visit.

DD has a basic Nania high back booster with harness. I've been trying to find a picture of it but can't- the new ones seem to have adjustable head height, but ours doesn't.

But anyway, I am worried that DD is getting a bit tall for the harness part, as last time we visited it was at its highest setting, and the straps start considerably lower than the level of her shoulders.

She is technically heavy enough to remove the 5 point harness and use the seat just as a high back booster - but she is very slight and I really wanted to continue using a harness until 18kg.

Does anyone know if it would be safer to remove the harness and use the 3 point belt or if the 5 point is always better even if the straps seem to start quite a bit below the shoulders? I've heard that with smaller children they can slip out of the 3 point belt. DD's shoulders are v narrow.

Should add, DD is almost 5, weighs 15.6 kilos and is 111cm tall.

CheddarOnToast Thu 08-Nov-12 18:05:11


Bamaluz Thu 08-Nov-12 18:49:24

I don't think you're supposed to have the straps lower than shoulder level, but I would be reluctant to just use a seat belt at her weight.
I would try to find a HBB with a higher slot for the straps for taller children.

CheddarOnToast Thu 08-Nov-12 19:34:22

Thanks for replying smile

So does anyone know where I can get a HBB with a higher slot?

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