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Which Group 1 will fit in my middle seat?

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FlamingGallah Tue 30-Oct-12 13:52:31

Hi there,

Am pregnant with DC3, but currently have DC1 and DC2 in two MaxiCosi Priorifixes in the outside seats of an XC90.

When DC3 arrives, we were hoping to have DC2 (will be 18 months) in a Priorifix on one side, DC1 (will be 2.10) in a seat in the middle, and the baby in a Maxicosi Cabriofix in the other outer seat.

So I need to buy a new non-isofix group 1 seat for DC1 to go in the middle. It has to be pretty narrow to fit between the two isofix bases of the others. Tried the Priori today and it fits snugly but only if I bring the middle seat right forward. Tried the Britax Prince too but the fit wasn't secure at all.

Any other suggestions would be much appreciated...worse case scenario I'll get the Priori and just have to accept the little darling being nearly in the front with us smile

Thank you!

Buba2012 Tue 30-Oct-12 19:45:19

Britax eclipse. Ring in car safety they will know

FlamingGallah Tue 30-Oct-12 21:08:12

Brilliant, thanks Buba! Stopped off in Halfords this afternoon and saw the Eclipse, looked very narrow so was about to google it and see what the reviews were like

mummy1234321 Fri 02-Nov-12 00:06:25

I would simply put the eldest child in the front and leave the baby and your second child in the back. This way if you travel with someone else driving you can sit with your baby too.
We checked and for stage 2/3 car seats Maxi Cosi website recommends pushing front seat to the back as much as you can - that's all (unless you switch off the airbag). I'm not too sure if you have isofix catches on the front seat though (depends on the car) so you might still need a new car seat.
We use Axiss on the front seat and Opal on the back seat but my older wants to sit with his brother now, so I'll need to move Axiss when I get the chance.

mummy1234321 Fri 02-Nov-12 00:18:39

I looked again and noticed you can use seat belt to instal priorifix on the front seat of your car...
It shows here if you choose your car make and model etc

FlamingGallah Sat 10-Nov-12 08:45:40

Thanks mummy- sorry not answered sooner, had a week of snotty children!

I ended up buying another priori, which we will put on the middle seat and just have to move it forward a bit. The fit on the Britax wasn't good and it just felt much flimsier than the maxicosi.

Thanks for your help x

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