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Car seat toys/entertainment for a 14 month old

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vallinnapod Sat 13-Oct-12 19:08:14

DS has just moved into his group 1 seat. We got a maxi cosi pearl. He was a dream when in the pebble as I think we were out of sight and out of mind. He is now very niggly in the car. I am putting it down to seeing us but, especially when it is just me, us ignoring him (in that we concentrate on the road!)

Any ideas on toys or something to occupy him? I did an amazon search but they all seem to fit on infant seat arches. We will eventually get a DVD player but whilst he pays the TV some attention at the moment he doesn't 'watch' it and I am keen not to encourage this too soon (although am a realist!)


MegMogAndOwl Sat 13-Oct-12 20:14:39

Have a look on the maxi cosi website, I'm pretty sure they make a play tray for their car seats. I can't remember whether its just a tray that children can use for drawing etc or if its got toys on. Might be worth a go though smile

Teamthrills Sat 13-Oct-12 20:19:47

I'm sure he'll get used to the new position soon. You could try some kid friendly cds to sing along to... I have 3 dcs & we tend to just listen to story cds or take a teddy or doll on car journeys. You could try tying a toy to the handle above the window for him to play with. We've done many long trips and haven't ever needed a dvd player.

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