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Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro or Maxi Cosi Ferofix??

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RIZZ0 Thu 11-Oct-12 12:17:26

Hi there, am trying to choose between the two as the title says really - if anyone has knowledge of either or even better, of both that would be brilliant please!

I have been on a long (and slightly) obsessive journey through the stage 2/3 booster possibilities. I have a three and a three quarter year old who is over 15 kg and a 6 year old. I started out wanting seats that alongside safety, had recline and they could sleep in on long journeys, although now understand that pretty much all of the ones that do, bring the seat away from the car's seat and this reduces safety so am focussing more now on the headrest being supportive more than a recline. I do find Britax have great headrests but not keen on the massive SICT style, so looking for another seat with great safety ratings as paramount, that has the most Britax-y headrest IYSWIM.

Youngest is currently in a Maxi Cosi Priori, desperate to get out of it but still can go a bit longer as ears not at top. Oldest is in a Graco Logico LX Comfort Orbit but the head rests offer no support to his big noggin when sleeping so I'm after a pair of sturdier isofix boosters to keep them both in for as long as possible. He'd like a Concord Transformer XT Car Seat but they're so ££ and not sure if as safe anyway.

I had gone down the road of thinking I needed to keep them harnessed (oldest was slightly mortified but had agreed) after I'd watching emotive US made videos on the subject, but have since been advised that after a certain weight they cause too much of the force to be in the neck in the event of a crash, whereas three point harnessing allows the rest of the body to distribute and share the force a bit more evenly.

Then on to rear facing, which we know to be safest but as a family have realised this just won't work for us and kids will be less willing to be in the seats as years go by. So with isofix HBB's being the way forward for us, I chose the Recaro Monza, but having read a fellow Mumsnetter's comment that having seen the crash test she couldn't continue with hers, I was put off. Watched it myself and didn't look good.

I think that the Kiddy Cruiserfix rates highly on Which from what I've read (don't have membership) and that although the MC Ferofix may be a little new to have as much data - the Rodi isofix does well and the Ferofix improves on this?

Between these two seats, anyone know which have deeper headrests, bigger feel, better comfort etc please? Or knowing the things I've looked at and what I'm after, if there's another option I've missed please?

Many thanks! thanks

Rosa Thu 11-Oct-12 12:25:07

The Cruiserfix up to a few months ago had not been rated in Which. I have membership. Seeing as all the other Kiddy car seats have constantly high ratings I also purchased this one ( I got mine from germany as it was cheaper or something like that). DD is comfy once we got the head adjustment right she loves it. I will be keeping an eye on WHich for the ratings when they do it and will be keeping my fingers crossed in the mean time !

IwanttoflyonA380 Thu 11-Oct-12 15:34:31

I looked at the kiddy seats and they didn't go up as high as the maxi- cosy and britax seats. You also need to check that you can put it up to its full height in your car if you are going to keep your dc in as long as possible. The rodifix is the same as ferofix they just renamed it.
We have rodi air protect as we couldn't look at the rodifix when I was looking as I was concerned that the lap belt may not sit where it is supposed to on the rodifix. The lap belt bit of a seat belt is supposed to sit across the top of a persons thigh and not across the tummy. The airpotect clips to the head rest so stays put as the child climbs in and holds the seat there when they are not. It also has a good recline

RIZZ0 Thu 11-Oct-12 20:03:52

Thanks guys.

Rosa, thanks for the website tip. What parts are adjustable in the headrest then?

Iwanttofly I do have a tall son - do you remember what the height difference is please? Otherwise I will investigate, don't worry.
I did notice on the YouTube video advert for the ferofix / rodi fix as I now see it is called on the website, as you say, the lapbelt does look a bit high on the girl's leg, looked at bottom of tummy.

Wish I could sit my kids in both but having trouble with stockists in the sticks where I live. Went to Halfords but they don't stock them. might get DH to go to John Lewis in town...

IwanttoflyonA380 Thu 11-Oct-12 21:17:12

my then 10 year old was to tall for kiddy but has room left in both britax and maxi cosy air

IwanttoflyonA380 Thu 11-Oct-12 21:19:56

she is now 11 and about 136cm still lots of room at least two more notches on maxi cosy. I could measure the max height of the two I have tomorrow

Rosa Thu 11-Oct-12 21:24:42

It was the height really rather than the headrest. At first I got it too high even tnough her head was 'in ' the right bit she wasn't comfortable. The extendable leg rest is useful as well, she seemed comfy.

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