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Which Stage 2/3 Car seat?

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Escapingthemadness Fri 28-Sep-12 18:03:05

I cannot decide between 2 car seats for my son! We are moving on to a stage 2/3 seat, 4-12 years.

It has come down to 2:

* Maxi Cosi Rodifix

* Britax Kidfix

I was edging towards the Kidfix, until i went and had a second look at them both and fitted them both in the car again.(Nissan Qashqui +2)

I'm not not sure i like the way the Kidfix seat fits in with the ISOFIX arms. Due to the way they rotate down from the seat, there is alot of movement allowed when the seat is connected. With the Rodifix, the arms come straight out and ratchet back in, to fit the seat directly against the cars own seat. Hope that makes sense!

My other big differences I'm trying to weight up are:

* The 'Recline' Positions. They both have this function but the Kidfix seems pointless, where as the Rodifix does actually move and seems to have a better position for long Journeys/Sleeping.

* The main sides of the seat.The Kidfix has solid sides, which don't move. The Rodifix has padded sides, which adjust in and out as the headrest is raised. Allowing growth in width as well as height, with the child. But, this said they do look flimsy!!

The Britax also has a far friendlier price tag but I'm more than happy to pay out for the right seat, even if we do need 2!It also has been tested by 'Which' and they rate the seat very highly. The Maxi Cosi seat is too new and hasn't been tested :0(
Arghhh I hate these decisions.

Recommendations and opinions please Mums. If you Have another Seat that i should be considering please let me know ;0)

TheMightyLois Fri 28-Sep-12 18:11:28

We have the Rodi and its fantastic. DS is very comfortable in it, and the recline is very good, you can move the seat fowards or you can lean the actual seat back so the carseat leans with it iyswim.

It's v useful that the isofix retracts - means I can use it in the front seat, or another car if need be (we can turn the airbag off). It's light too.

We've had a lot of car seats and this is the best by far.

TheMightyLois Fri 28-Sep-12 18:12:56

Try looking for a mothercare 10% off code, we got a fair bit off doing that.

Kroder1 Sat 29-Sep-12 08:41:40

Have aloof at the BESAFE IZI UP FIX, its new and looks like a proper car seat for this age not just a cushion and it turns away from the accident if hit at the side increasing the side protection!

chickadee23 Sat 27-Oct-12 09:40:41

We are having exactly the same dilemma - unable to decide between the Britax Kidfix which we were all set to buy (mainly due to excellent Which reviews) until Maxi Cosi brought out the Rodifix, which has yet to be reviewed.

I'm swaying towards the Maxi Cosi Rodifix because of the seat belt guides, the ability to recline and also the car seat material (my sister has the Britax Kidfix and says it has already started bobbling after only two months).

Which one did you go for in the end Escapingthemadness? Anybody else got any opinions? And does anyone know when Which are likely to review this carseat?

PolterGoose Sat 03-Nov-12 15:29:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HelenBabyHToBe Wed 06-Feb-13 05:19:47

Hi - I was wondering do any of you know can you
For the rodi fix maxicosi in with a seatbelt please ? We
Have an XC 90 and three children. The pebble ( for 3 mth old )
And the maxi cosi pearl for the three year old are in
The back seat so we need to fit the third stage car seat
Eg rodi fix into the middle of the back seat but there
Are no isofix points in the middle .... So would like to buy maxi
Cosi rodi fix but can it be installed using a seat belt ????

Thsnkyou so much if anyone can help !!!!

Best wishes
Helen Hanna

notfarmingatthemo Wed 06-Feb-13 09:30:29

@ helen with the 2/3 group the seat that have isofix also use the belt to hold the child. The isofix is only there to make it safer for when the child is not in it (to stop in injuring you or other children if you have a accident) It also stops it moving when the child is getting in. They are also much heavier. You would need to strap it in when your child is not in it. It you are not about to change your car for one that has 3 isofix then have a look at the rodi airprotect. It has a clip elastic thing that clips to the headrest in the car to keep it steady. It is also light and easy to swoop between cars

madwomanacrosstheroad Wed 13-Feb-13 18:52:47

It is probably to late for you now but i would be reluctant to buy a maxi-cosi stage 2/3 car seat again. I have two rodis, bought around six years ago. Lovely fit in many different cars, comfortable, recline etc BUT today i discovered that maxi cosi seats have a recommended life span of five years. I actually phoned maxi cosi customer services to double check and they confirmed that they should be replaced after five years due to the plastic of the shell becoming potentially unsafe due to age. Britax has a recommended life span of ten years. Now i have to go out and replace the seats as my daughter still needs a car seat for the next few years!!

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