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Best car seat/travel system for newborn?

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StateofConfusion Thu 14-Mar-13 09:00:40

if the britax sleeper has the same attachments for the Pram as a britax baby safe shr II you can get adapters for bugaboos, we have a baby safe on our frog and i love the seat its fanatic.

Rhubarb78 Wed 13-Mar-13 15:50:18

I am looking at the matrix light by Jane. It sits up for in the car but can be used lie flat in the car and it doubles up as a carrycot. The weight limit sitting up is 13kg I think. I posted on here about it a few days ago and a lovely poster gave me her views on it. Just need a second look to make my mind up.

Kroder1 Tue 12-Mar-13 22:57:57

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

nics17 Tue 12-Mar-13 21:43:40

Hello everyone, I have a Ford KA and due in May... don't have the money to buy a bigger car just yet, so need help on a car seat.
Does anyone have a car seat they can recommend for a newborn for a KA?
many thanks

StetsonsAreCool Sat 03-Mar-12 18:57:48

The Jane used to be a Which Don't Buy, so make sure you're buying the right model. I think it was something to do with the harness within the seat that was the problem on older models.

Herecomes Glad it's working out well. I bet your DS loves being in the front grin

Cydonia Sat 03-Mar-12 18:21:45

Yes I like the look of the Jane with the lie flat seat too, just need to find somewhere to try one out as the range is a bit confusing! I thought they were too expensive at first but there's some good deals on line if you know which one you want. If!!

herecomesthsun Sat 03-Mar-12 15:13:35

DS is in the TWE in the front passenger seat. DD is in the Sleeper in the back with me. I had a Caesarean, so DH is driving.

It is working OK grin

StetsonsAreCool Fri 02-Mar-12 19:30:36

<Slight hijack> Glad your DD has arrived safely herecomes. How are your new car seat arrangements working out?

herecomesthsun Fri 02-Mar-12 17:10:09

We too have a babysafe sleeper and a Bsmart 3 wheeler (the latter we got second hand for £50). The combination is working well thus far (DD is 2 weeks old). We have an IziCombi previously used by DS (who is now in a Two Way Elite) which we will prob use for DD when she gets bigger. The sleeper/ Bsmart combo makes for a nice little pram.

Which recommend the Sleeper and have also recently recommended a Jane lie flat carrycot but I have no experience of that one myself (I had already bought the Sleeper when I saw the Jane review).

StetsonsAreCool Tue 28-Feb-12 22:55:23

Oh, there's a pic on my profile of newborn DD in the Sleeper. Not in the car, but you can see how a 9lb-er fits smile

I keep meaning to get photos of it in the car, but I didn't when it was our only car seat, and now it means I'd have to take the other seat out to fit it in. I will get round to it though.

Just ask, if you think of anything else.

Cydonia Tue 28-Feb-12 21:21:18

Thanks that's really helpful. Definitely one for the short list!

StetsonsAreCool Tue 28-Feb-12 20:16:19

It does go across the seats, it attaches with clips to the seatbelts of the middle and either side seat, depending on which way your middle seatbelt faces. The baby's head is in the middle of the car, with feet at the door.

I didn't find it too wide, but it is generously proportioned. It's got a very roomy seat, but because the wheels are on the outside of the frame, it does make it quite wide. I wouldn't say it was any wider than the Quinny Buzz or Bugaboo Cameleon though, if I compare it what my some of friends have. I take one of the wheels off to get it in the boot of my Punto.

We had the three wheeled version. When off-road you can lock the front wheel so that it doesn't get stuck in a rut or go off on a tangent. Very easy to push and manouvre though. See if you can find it to test in a shop though. It really is a very good pushchair.

The sleeper has built in attachments to fit Britax pushchairs. I don't think you'd be able to get converters.

As it has a weight range of up to 10kg, DD still went in it once a week until she was about 13mo as it was the spare seat we used for MIL to collect her in when she looked after her while I was working. By then she was bored of lying down, but she was still comfy in it.

Cydonia Tue 28-Feb-12 18:39:38

Thanks again! I have looked at the Baby safe sleeper, am I right in thinking that it goes across the seat, as opposed to facing either forwards or backwards? I also like the look of the B-Smart pushchair, did you have the 3 or 4 wheel version? Some of the reviews I've read said that it was too wide, did you struggle with this? I think I will just have to go and check some options out at the shops, I've read so many reviews I can't take any more in, so many conflicting opinions! ;) Oh, one more question....does the sleeper fit on any other makes of pushchair?

StetsonsAreCool Mon 27-Feb-12 13:31:04

We had a Britax Sleeper lie flat seat. We used it in and out of the car for the first couple of months, using it as the carrycot on the B-Smart. Then we left it fixed in the car until DD was 7mo (born in May). We then got an Besafe Izi Combi which she's still in now (21mo) and will be for the considerable future.

The B Smart has been a fab pushchair: really sturdy, comfy seat, folds in one piece (only if the seat is facing foward though, but it's a doddle to switch round). Plus it has great big wheels which have been over sand, through mud, rocky walks, you name it.

We were really happy with our choice, and we're now trying to work out how we rearrange our car seating arrangements so we can use the Sleeper again for a future baby.

PS we bought it from the Glasgow Pram Centre (at the Baby Show) - they're closer to you than they are to us!

Ask me any questions you like smile

justforinfo Sun 26-Feb-12 22:37:24

I agree, the only Lie-flat seat I would consider is the Britax. I've seen some of the high force crash tests on the others and it's frankly terrifying!

Even if your LO gets ''big'' enough to be front facing I would strongly recommend that you look at extended rearfacing! much, much safer smile

Cydonia Sat 25-Feb-12 12:12:48

Thanks. We live in Cumbria, the nearest large retailers are over an hour away so I wanted to have some idea what I'm after before we go!

Loopymumsy Sat 25-Feb-12 07:35:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

runningwilde Fri 24-Feb-12 23:20:54

You really are better off getting a different carrycot style part for your cot and car seat. Maxi cosi car seats are great. Where do you live? I would recommend going to a big baby type centre and getting their advice. Kiddicare in peterborough and the Oxford pram centre in Oxford are really good.

Cydonia Fri 24-Feb-12 22:28:10

Hi, I'm expecting my first baby in may and have decided on a travel system/pushchair combo. I don't want to have to buy a separate carrycot so I need the car seat to be suitable for a newborn, ie one the baby can lie flat in and be nice and comfy and safe, whether in the car or when out walking. Some of the car seats I've looked at just seem a bit exposed? I also need the car seat to be compatible with a decent pushchair that can go 'off road' if necessary. Oh, and not be ridiculously expensive!! Any suggestions?

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