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Group 1 car seat bought! Decision finally made!

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sparrow45 Sun 16-Oct-11 16:35:13

So I've been debating for weeks as to which group 1 car seat to go for and whether to go for rear facing or impact's been a hard choice but in the end opted for the besafe izi combi x 3 isofix...DS seems really happy and comfy in it and there's plenty of leg room at the passenger seat in the car. So although it was a pricey choice, it's a safe seat and he seems happy. And I am happy to have finally made a decision!!!

patchesmcp Mon 17-Oct-11 18:44:41

It feels great when you have made a decision you've debated about for ages!

We have one too and I think it is lovely and so easy to fit and use.

We've just got a Britax 2-way elite and I'm having a nightmare trying to fit it securely in my parent's car. They need a lot of legroom in the front and I have a horrible feeling he's going to end up ff when he's with them (1 day a week so not loads but I'd much prefer him rf).

Anyway, congrats on your choice!

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