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Ford - getting Isofix anchors fitted

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dldl Sun 09-Oct-11 11:57:13

Has anyone had Isofix anchors fitted into their car?
Can you tell me how much your local Ford dealership charged for this?

We are debating doing this. DH wants the safest possible option for our baby. At the moment we bought the Pebble and EasyBase2, but we are thinking of changing the base for FamilyFix and getting Isofix anchors fitted.

Does anyone have a Ford Fiesta 2005 and know if the FamilyFix fits in the car?


sleepevader Sun 09-Oct-11 14:13:41

Someone on here had a problem with an older fiesta. Apparently it's £70 and only available on cars after 2000.

I wouldn't do it to be honest. If the easybase2 is installed correctly it's just as safe as the familyfix. Us more interchangeable with other cars.

sleepevader Sun 09-Oct-11 14:19:40

I also wouldn't want a base that could only be installed using isofix. I would like the option of fixing it with the seatbelt too.

justforinfo Sun 16-Oct-11 21:02:19

Maybe get isofix installed and swap the base for the easyfix, then you have both options - seatbelt and isofix, also opens up your options for baby's group 1 seat and extended rear-facing seats etc smile

BellaD24 Fri 14-Jul-17 16:19:00

I have for Ford Fiesta 2004 and want to know if there is isofix kit / alternative option as don't feel happy just using seatbelt for baby car seat. There is no isofix points in my car 😳

Squ1ggle Fri 14-Jul-17 16:25:36

We had it put into our 2010 Ford focus. I think nit was about £90 in total (£20 for parts and the rest for labour). It has been worthwhile, we used the Base that used the car seats for the baby car seat but when we progressed to a toddler car seat I felt like the added safety of isofix was well worth it

Kursk Fri 14-Jul-17 16:30:27

It's easy enough to do, go to a scrap yard and unbolt from a car you find, and then bolt it in to your car £5 and probably 20 mins work

AliceMum09 Sat 15-Jul-17 12:29:40

So you'd all rather trust a bit of metal that wasn't originally part of your car but has been bolted in afterwards to keep your child safe rather than the seatbelt?

I'm not saying that adding ISOFIX at a later date is dangerous (although it could potentially be if you decide to do it yourself as per the suggestion above rather than go to a garage), but using the seatbelt is just as safe as using ISOFIX. ISOFIX was only developed as a simpler method of fitting child seats, not a safer one.

There are some infant carriers that have achieved better results in the independent ADAC tests when belted into the car than when tested attached to the ISOFIX base.

Most of the seats that have passed the very strict Swedish Plus test are seatbelted ones.

welshweasel Sat 15-Jul-17 12:35:11

Honestly, belting an infant seat into the car is really easy. If you go with the familyfix base, that doesn't give you options for extended rear facing, which I assume you will want as it's the safest way for your child to travel in the car once they have outgrown the infant seat. Personally I'd just get an infant carrier with no base, use the seatbelt to fit it, then you can decide what ERF seat will suit you best once you know how heavy/tall your baby will be!

Dlah Sun 16-Jul-17 14:56:47

I rang ford and was told only 2007 onwards fords have isofix even though we have a 57 plate fiesta, still no isofix and they don't make a compatible kit for ours either sadly

EpoxyResin Sun 16-Jul-17 15:01:59

Belted seats are just as safe when installed correctly, and installation isn't hard. In fact if you go on use extended rear facing as they get older, belted installation is the only way to install these one you get past a certain weight. If you want spend your money, buy the best performing belted carseat you can afford and continue the trend with extended rear facing once they're out or their infant carrier; believe me, ERF isn't cheap! Don't bother with the isofix.

welshweasel Sun 16-Jul-17 18:52:38

You could get something like the joie every stage. £150 when it's on offer, does you from birth to 12 and rear faces til 18kg. Can't get much safer than that if that's your main concern.

BellaD24 Wed 19-Jul-17 00:51:36

Thanks - I have back problem so was looking at options available - yes I would use a seatbelt but wanted to see if anyone had fitted isofix in fiesta 😇

NameChange30 Fri 28-Jul-17 07:46:21

We have just installed isofix fittings in our 2003 Ford Focus using these instructions:

I bought the kit from Amazon and it cost about £16!

Don't know whether you could do the same for a Fiesta, though.

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