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Skoda Octavia and infant seats

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mopsytop Sat 08-Oct-11 17:07:21


looking for some advice. I have a Skoda Octavia and have just been checking out the best buy baby seats on Which. However, some of the main ones recommended don't appear to have been tested with my car for the Isofix bit. For example, Maxi Cosi has no installation results for Skoda Octavia, which means I can't be sure their car seat will be safe in my car. Same for Britax.

I wanted to get an Isofix base but guess I will have to get a belted seat. What I am wondering is whether all belted seats are suitable for most cars in general or if there is some way of checking if they are suitable for my car in particular. Is this just done when you go to get it fitted? Which just published a fairly damning report of carseat fitting in most major retails, which is a little worrying - many didn't fit it properly, and it wasn't safe.

So anyway, any advice appreciated.

plupervert Sat 08-Oct-11 17:17:20

I've also posted on the antenatal thread. The Octavia is built on the chassis of a VW Golf, so you are right between a Golf and a Passat. Anything okayed for the width/dimensions of those should be all right for an Octavia.

Did you buy your car from a dealer? Or could you pretend to, and need to check your car seat wil fit, so as to get them to do the research for you? wink

mopsytop Sat 08-Oct-11 17:28:35

I might ring the dealer and ask, yeah. Good idea.

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