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Rear-facing car seat for Peugeot 106

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OneOf8 Thu 06-Oct-11 17:02:21

Hi, As above really ? have had issues previously when looking for a 0+ group car seat for my car, and found existing threads really helpful. At the time we were stupid hopeful we could replace my partner?s car prior to replacing the infant carrier style car seat (which is bigger than the one I had in my car at the time) used in his Peugeot and therefore get a new seat at the same time as car. New car is planned to be a different make than cars already owned ? therefore I assumed this meant car seat may not be compatible in both.

Unfortunately my DS has decided to hit the 99%ile, and therefore needs a ?bigger boys? car seat ASAP. I was really annoyed when I saw him in the carrier car seat - never use partners car so only time DS is in his dads car is when I have to work late.

We should have started looking for a bigger seat at least a couple of weeks ago as his head is right at the top and therefore not safe/son is to long) but the plank of a partner failed to tell me, hence the urgency. Rate DS is growing, will be above the top of seat in no time at all.

Sorry ? most of the above is prob not relevant, but annoyed (at myself and partner) and feel better putting it all down.

The car is a 51 plate 3 door Peugeot 106. I want to get a 0+ car seat as want DS rear facing for as long as possible. I realise the logistic for getting DS into the car seat will be fiddly due to only being a 3 door ? but in honesty, I don?t care as 5 minutes longer to get him into a safe car seat against possible injury if in an accident ? in my mind, no contest.

Any advice or guidance ? especially if you or husband/partner etc drive the same car - will be gratefully received, as will be purchased hopefully on Saturday and due to existing commitments only have limited time so want to have a shortlist to try and walk away with one fitted - need it replaced by Monday as partner will next need to have DS in his car Monday evening (cant just use mine as will be in my car am for drop off, and we work in opposite directions)

DS is 9 months (if this makes any difference) but I am looking at rear facing which can be turned around once older. The turning around isn?t essential, as may need to change car seat when replace car anyhow!

Sorry ? longer than I though, but thanks for reading smile

onetwothreefourfive Thu 06-Oct-11 19:21:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TruthSweet Fri 07-Oct-11 12:55:31

A Britax Two Way Elite may be good for you as that can be used rf or ffing to 25kg. It's a very light yet safe seat and can be installed more upright when the child is older.

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