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Multi-tech poor SIP???

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justforinfo Tue 27-Sep-11 21:36:19

I've just read a few posts on here and the Britax multi-tech is really getting slated for the side impact protection? Does anyone have any links to this as I can't find any info sad

2 things i'm concerned about.... 1 is that i've fought tooth and nail to get an ERF seat stocked in work and this is what I was offered - rear-facing is so much safer but I now don't want to sell something that has poor SIP!!! Also, the MT is very similar to the does this make the evolva's SIP rubbish too?

Lastly....I know britax test to 55g (miles above legal requirement) if the seat has passed that then musn't it be better than a mobi for example, that, as far as i'm aware hasn't been tested to that standard?
(I also know that maxi-cosi don't test rear-collisions and SIP like britax do)

Any info would be appreciated! It's so difficult to know what to sell parents that i'm borderline wanting to give up my baby seat fitting career!

nicm Wed 28-Sep-11 20:12:09

hi, i'm not sure, maybe you could ask on the rf website or call the road safety officers in essex or the in car safety centre? i have the twe and the hi-way 2 and didn't research the mt.


lenats31 Wed 28-Sep-11 22:23:28

Multi-Tech got slated because of the installation and forwardfacing use. In a testlab the seats are tested in a non-moving car chassis, that a barrier slams into. On the roads, both cars will be in motion and the people in them have some sort of immidiate danger reaction - usually slaming on their brakes.

justforinfo Mon 03-Oct-11 16:49:03

Ok, Personally I find it easier to install RF than FF!

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