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'value' car seat for 3yo for Granny's car...

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katherine2008 Tue 20-Sep-11 14:23:39


I'm looking to buy a 'value' car seat for Granny's car for my just turned 3 year old dd. I don't actually know what she weighs, but she is fairly average if on the petite size. We have a maxi cosi toby in our car (no isofix) so are looking for a bargain which can live at Grannys - especially as I have number 2 dc arriving in November. Does anyone have any recommendations on what might be a good option?

Thanks so much!

BatFlattery Tue 20-Sep-11 20:59:22

We've just bought a Nania car seat from Asda for our 8mo DS for Granny's car, groups 0-2 or 3, according to the packaging it should last until he's around 8yo. It cost £15 in the baby event!

justforinfo Tue 27-Sep-11 21:19:55

For 3 y/o dd - How about the Britax Evolva? Britax have much higher standards than other car seat manufacturers and I personally wouldn't touch anything else! It's harnessed 9-18kg then converts to a high-backed booster.

Or the Kiddy Pro/Cybex Pallas - they are a bit safer than traditional seats as they have an impact cushion to 18kg rather than a harness and is incredibly simple to fit, whereas the evolva can be a bit tricky untill you get your head around it! Again, after dd is 18kg the seat converts to a high backed booster.

you can pick up an evolva for about £100 and the Cybex for about £160 from Halfords and they'll show you how to fit it too smile

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