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Maxi Cosi car seat bases....

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dldl Sun 11-Sep-11 08:56:25

Can someone help as I'm getting very confused and keep getting conflicting answers!

I understand that if you have ISOFIX, you can buy the Family Fix base, and it can be used with Pebble/Cabriofix for Stage 0 and then with the Pearl for Stage 1.

If you don't have ISOFIX, is there a base you can buy which can be used with Pebble/Cabriofix for Stage 0 and then with a Stage 1 car seat, or do you end up having to buy two separate bases?

Thanks in advance for your help.

sleepevader Sun 11-Sep-11 10:26:29

No afraid not.

I got the easyfix base from mothercare -ordered By phone and got them to pricematch to amazon- plus got a £10 voucher.

I'm planning on doing extended rear facing as much safer so the pearl wouldn't have been any good for me.

The easyfix is isofix or belted are ended up costing me £55 new (taking into account voucher). When it arrived at home took it to local store to check it fitted car.

dldl Sun 11-Sep-11 16:11:04

Thanks for the reply - I thought that was the case! I will definitely look at prices online and see if I can get mothercare to pricematch as I have vouchers to spend there anyway.

I think I need to get the Pebble and the EasyBase2. It seems to come to a total of about £180...yikes!

I have just heard that the Pebble is much safer than the Cabriofix, so that's why I'm going with it, but if anyone has any more info to shed on that, I'd appreciate it too!

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