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anyone got the concord transformer t pro?

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sparrow45 Sat 10-Sep-11 16:14:14

Hi I was in a shop today looking at car seats. I originally thought we were going to get a rear facing group 1 car seat-we looked at the recaro polaric isofix and the besafe izi combi x3 isofix. Both fitted but took up a lot of room. We may still get one of these, but my biggest concern is that DS would beable to wriggle out of the straps +/or unclip himself when he is a bit older....and I would not beable to see him doing this....
One of the other seats we loked at was the concord transformer t pro. The guy who showed us this seat seemed enthusiastic about it, and if we were to go FF I would be keen to avoid a harness design -this has an impact cushion for use until 18kg, and the seat would grow with him ( is group 1/2/3). There are no reviews for this seat on Which, so was wondering if anyone has it, or if anyone can point me in the direction of safety info for this seat? Thanks

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