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rear facing gp 1 car seat and a hyundai i30

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sparrow45 Wed 07-Sep-11 14:37:07

Hi, am looking into RF gp 1 car seat for DS. Thinking about the Besafe izi combi x3 isofix which had a good report on the Which website. Was wondering if anyone out there has one, do they like it, and anyone got it fitted in a hyundai i30? Thanks.

aswellasyou Wed 07-Sep-11 17:14:16

I've got the X2 non-isofix but I think there isn't much difference in the seats. It sits very upright and my daughter took about 2-3 months to learn to sleep with her head titlted back so that it doesn't flop forwards. The X3 as passed the Swedish Plus Test though, so is one of the safest seats around. It also seems very comfortable with the head support and cushion insert.

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