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what car seat do you have in the middle of your renault scenic???

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thisisyesterday Sat 03-Sep-11 22:24:09

i need to get a spare seat which will fit in the middle of my parents car.

it's for ds3, so needs to be a regular harnessed seat not a highback booster or anything.

i looked at the britax prince which seems quite narrow but don't want to buy in case it doesn't fit... my local mothercare and halfords don't keep stock of it so can't try it first unfortunately!

jocie Sat 03-Sep-11 22:32:17

our last car was a senic and we were acle to get a hbb on 1 side, a britax first class on the other (rf) and a maxi cosi priory in the middle. I think most seats would work as senics have a more or less full seat in the middle ans each seat moves independently aswell so you might just need to do a bit of adjusting forwards or back. the best bet is to take the car an try some seats in it though. Have you thought aboput a kiddy as they seem to fit im most cars and are thought to be a bit safer than normal ff stage 1 seats.

thisisyesterday Sat 03-Sep-11 23:02:58

yeah i did consider the kiddy but wasn't sure how wide it was.

we tried having the HBB in the middle but it covered the buckle so we couldn't actually do the seatbelt up... so it needs to be something with a narrow base.

it's difficult as my dad works quite long hours, and often at weekends too... so getting his car to somewhere to try them isn't that easy but I might have to have another look around and see if there is anywhere near here with a bigger range.,

I have him and ds2 rear-facing still in our car, but can't afford another ERF seat for theirs unfortunately

jocie Sun 04-Sep-11 16:28:22

you could probfind out the dimension somewhere online ( i think i found them somewhere but cant remember which site). Also mamas and papas do their own version of the kiddy and you can now get a cushion for one of the Jane HBB. They might have smaller bases?
The priory definetly fitted in ours. I just had the middle seat a bit forward so i could do up the others chairs easily!

notfarmingatthemo Sun 04-Sep-11 19:57:47

I have a new grand scenic. I can NOT fit this or the high back that's the same. this on doesn't fit
I can fit a britax duo issofix car seat on issofix with top tether. and a britax kid fix on issofix ( it has to go on issofix or it moves as child get in) I then have to strap the child in. A bubble bum booster seat does fit but it is much smaller than its online measurements.
My car hand book says to fold seat belt buckles under to put a issofix seat in.
What age car is it. Although all the seat seam the same width on the middle seat in mine the buckles are not on the edge of the seat but in a bit just a bit wider the the issofix points but not much.
How old are your children? my 5 year old looks ok on the bubble bum between two seat for short journeys, wouldn't want her to go where she might fall asleep put for school run, short trips. My 9 year old would be fine but I would be happiest if she had a seat or adult both sides.

thisisyesterday Sun 04-Sep-11 21:15:30

yeah i didn't think of moving the seat, that's not a bad idea!

notfarming i need a group 1 seat. so fully harnessed etc etc, as ds3 is only 2.

we can fit the britax 2 way elite in the middle (just) but it's a faff having to swap between cars. although as he is safer in that i guess i should just carry on doing it.

too many choices!

will check out the mamas and papas seats too though.

notfarmingatthemo Mon 05-Sep-11 13:25:50

I did see that you needed a full harnessed seat but I thought listing all the ones that I have fitted and ones I haven't may help you get an idea in shops when you comparing seats or help other people.
I was very cross when I got the car and then realized because of where the belts are getting three in is not as easy as I had hoped. I only have 2 dc but often take friends in it.

sleepevader Sat 10-Sep-11 12:42:35

Britax eclipse?

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