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Next Car Seat for 11 month old.

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OrganicFreeRangeBoys Tue 09-Aug-11 23:02:26

Any recommendations?

He`s currently in a Maxi Cosi Cabrio and still has a bit of room in it but car seats are expensive and gotta start saving up.

My 2yr old is Rear Facing in a Britax Two Way Elite which has a 55lb weight limit. Obviously he still has loads of room so need another seat for son2.

Any that will fit in a Peugeot 206 or would I be best buying another Britax?

onetwothreefourfive Wed 10-Aug-11 10:05:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

aswellasyou Wed 10-Aug-11 10:35:05

My Mum has a 3 door 207-I don't know what the difference in space in the back is but I imagine they're quite smilar. I've had a Klippan Kiss 2 and BeSafe Izi Combi behind the driver's seat and they fit with the front seat almost all the way back.

OrganicFreeRangeBoys Wed 10-Aug-11 15:52:52


I've just found out we're going away this weekend an will be driving quite near to Milton Keynes so gonna detour to the in car safety centre and try a few out.

I have the TWE in the back behind passenger seat. My 6ft partner can squeeze in but it wouldn't be comfortable for long journey's although not a problem for us because we do long journey's in his scenic where there is bags of room.

I might just end up getting another TWE as it is a good seat but will be interesting to find out which seats will actually fit in small cars.

nicm Wed 10-Aug-11 18:22:41

hi, i have a britax hi-way 2 and it's great for smaller cars apparently. not been using it as long as the twe but it too goes to 25kgs and has passed the sewdish + test.


nicm Wed 10-Aug-11 18:23:19

oh and it has been in sil 207!

brachy Wed 10-Aug-11 20:42:54

My neighbour has a VW Golf and she fits in her BeSafe Izi Combi without any probs. Our TWE fits in our very old Polo without too much problem, though there isn't much space...regardless of whether the seat is there or not! lol

OrganicFreeRangeBoys Sun 21-Aug-11 22:15:34

Thank-you for all your help.

We tried a couple in the car but I was still happiest with the TWE in the end.

The high weight limit and tall shell swayed it for me. smile

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