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Looking for a comfortable reclining group2/3 car seat...any recommendations?

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TettyLouBar Fri 29-Jul-11 09:54:43

We travel a lot to see family and I'm looking for a seat that reclines, and that can be reclined with child in seat!
The Maxi Cosi Fero that I had my eye on can't be reclined with child in it according to write up.
Anybody have any suggestions? smile

notfarmingatthemo Fri 29-Jul-11 14:20:34

That group only really recline a small amount. The ones that recline the best are isofix. We have kid fix(britax). We do lots of traveling and have never had a problem. By they time they go into them about age 4 they are not really falling asleep when your not unsuspecting them to. If its a long journey and I think they might I recline them.

happyhorse Sun 31-Jul-11 21:45:14

I've just ordered a Silver Cross Navigator which can be reclined with the child in the seat. Halfords and Mothercare both have them on offer at the moment.

moonstorm Tue 02-Aug-11 22:57:54

The Besafe Izi Up?


Bandita Thu 04-Aug-11 21:02:03

Hts Besafe!

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