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Where can I find a COMFORTABLE booster seat?

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coffeecake Sun 24-Jul-11 15:23:53

We are about to do a very long car journey, and DD needs a new booster seat as the one she's got is really a "spare", one of those really hard polystyrene ones. We have been looking everywhere for a really comfortable one, but they all seem really hard, with just a thin foam padding on top.
Has anyone got a really comfortable one (do they even make them?) suitable for a 16 hour car journey.
Even DS' Gracco one seems hard now when you compare it to what we adults will be sitting on for 16 hours.

sazm Sun 24-Jul-11 15:33:00

seen these in halfords the other day, they are SO padded, look very comfy smile


notfarmingatthemo Sun 24-Jul-11 19:07:19

I sat my dd on that one and the padding by the head rest bit dug in her back. Wanted to get a cheaper one for a second car. Stuck with kidfix in the end. But now may need a booster on its own as highback now its the side of car and am having problems as lots of shops only sell cheap ones britax no longer do them.

BertieBotts Sun 24-Jul-11 19:08:49

The Britax hi-liner on that link looks comfy.

TruthSweet Sun 24-Jul-11 20:12:26

DD1 has a Sunshine Kids Monterey and it's very comfy (her words not mine). It will also last a long time as it will take a 160cm child with the back on (allegedly wink). The wings are adjustable too so you can move them out or in depending on how narro/wide your child's shoulders are.

See here You can usually get them for £60-70 and they are worth it IMHO.

sazm Sun 24-Jul-11 21:41:56

both my dc's (age 7 and 5) sat in the graco one and said it was really comfy, we have britax hi-liners in our car and no complaints at all,both kids have had them since just before they turned 4,we have been very happy with them.
we do plan to buy the graco ones in the link though as the padding on the seat part is amazingsmile

HuckingFell Sun 24-Jul-11 21:48:12

seat or cushion? If cushion those weirdy bubblebum things are apparently v comfy.

coffeecake Sun 24-Jul-11 21:56:05

Actually I guess it's a booster cushion I am after. I didn't know they were called that.

coffeecake Sun 24-Jul-11 22:19:09

Actually forget that, I am going for one with the back. They are much safer, especially for a long journey.
Last time we did that same journey DD was complaining about the fact that her brother was able to rest his head in order to sleep and she couldn't.
I promised myself I would never set foot in Halfords again but they have a good sale on for car seats blush

HuckingFell Sun 24-Jul-11 23:23:51


we have these dds never complained about them.

sazm Mon 25-Jul-11 01:02:32

how old is your dd? i would def get one with a back for her,basic boosters dont provide any protection at all,
halfords does have a good sale on,plus i found i seen a seat online i really liked,but after comparing them in the shop,i went for a totally different one!

BertieBotts Mon 25-Jul-11 09:04:53

I know we didn't have carseats then, but when we were kids if we were doing a long journey we'd have the bedding in the back, so we could put a pillow up on the car door/window and sleep against that, sitting up. If you ended up using a booster cushion that could work.

themildmanneredjanitor Mon 25-Jul-11 09:11:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

coffeecake Mon 25-Jul-11 16:46:18

Hi thank you all for your replies, I found this one
from mothercare.
I initially went to Halfords and the so called "trained car seat advisor" told me point blank that DD didn't need one with the back as she was probably only going to use it for a few more months.
I said that I prefered one with the back for safety and that I would have a look around.
Then I found one that I thought I'd like, went to call her again so I could try the car seat in my car, and she wasn't there so one of her colleagues went to fetch her and said she would only be a minute as she was with a customer.
So I waited.... and waited.... and waited......... and left.
There was plenty of free advisors god knows what they were supposed to be doing.
Anyway, I then went to mothercare and got the Graco Logico L, and the girl couldn't believe what I had been told by the Halfords advisor "that I didn't need one with the back for a 7 year old". She even said that they are not selling many booster cushions anymore, showed me the shelf and there were only 4 on display.

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