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Flying with a car seat? Would you risk it?

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ImpyCelyn Sat 23-Jul-11 20:33:43

We're off to see DH's family next week. They don't have anyone they can borrow a car seat from for DS (9m) so I think we'll have to take one with us.

I'm not sure whether it'll be damaged or not from being put in the hold. Has anyone done it? Was it fine?

It's a Jane matrix light, so quite large, so we don't have anything big enough to pack it inside.

33goingon64 Sat 23-Jul-11 20:41:21

I put our Maxi Cosi in the hold of a Ryan Air flight. I wrapped some bubble wrap around the base so that the isofix mechanism would be protected. It was fine. Got a bit dirty but was undamaged.

TubbyDuffs Sat 23-Jul-11 20:43:26

We have travelled a few times with car seats and just get them wrapped at the airport.

Never had a problem.

ImpyCelyn Sat 23-Jul-11 20:48:31

Ok thanks.

Can we bubble wrap it ourselves and maybe wrap it in bin bags do you think? Or does it have to be done at the airport?

mybootsaremuddy Sat 23-Jul-11 22:11:07

Prob easyer to do at airport as surley you wil need to use seat in car on the way there?

Do you visit dh family often? If so it might be worth you loooking for a seat while you are there that they can keep ready for any future visits? Will prob be worth looking at a stage 1 seat (9kg+) as if your ds is 9months now the chances are next time you go he will be big enough to use a stage 1 seat. I know from experience it can be a PITA traveling with the bigger style seats at least if you know you have one there it will make things a whole lot easyer next time.

TheHouseofMirth Sat 23-Jul-11 22:21:11

It should be OK. When you check it in it goes through the oversize luggage desk so I think it's less likely to get chucked around.

We got one of these which held a car seat and high back booster. As it's not included in the luggage allowance my friend cunningly also includes all the nappies she'll need whilst she's away...

ImpyCelyn Sat 23-Jul-11 22:21:16

We don't need it on the way to the airport, so we could wrap it here which i think would reduce airport stress.

Normally we drive there ourselves, but this trip that's not possible unfortunately <grr> Oh well, at least we're just doing it the once!

Muckyhighchair Sat 23-Jul-11 22:28:43

I think the car hire places will allow you o hire one without booking a car? I'm sure my brother did not so long ago with eurocar

EldonAve Sat 23-Jul-11 22:29:10

we've taken ours on many flights
only got damaged once

kittens Sat 23-Jul-11 22:34:12

we have flown loads of times with our carseat. We bought one of these
The seats have all be fine at the other end.

WeLoveHaribo Wed 03-Aug-11 10:37:39

Ive got the car seat bag too, Seat was fine.

BertieBotts Wed 10-Aug-11 12:49:10

Just a note - if you're flying outside of Europe, the car seat might not be legally approved in that country. Within Europe it will be fine though.

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