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carseat sun shade

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Pagen Thu 21-Jul-11 09:37:43

I am having a real headache trying to solve the problem of shading my 14mth old since we moved up to the front facing carseat. Whereas before his 0-13 carseat had a lovely blackout pull over shade now we have nothing and no handle to attach a shade to.
Its taking Jack forever to get to sleep now that he suddenly has no shade and stick on window shades just don't cut it, he needs a pull-over blackout but how and where do we get one?
This must be a common problem, and I'm just being stupid and not seeing the solution - Can someone point me in the right direction please?
Much appreciate your help!

mybootsaremuddy Thu 21-Jul-11 11:41:12

We used to have 'Window sox' On our car they go over the top half of the car door and cover the whole window. They're great as they block out the sun keep the back of the car cool and you can have the window open for fresh air if you get caught in a traffic jam. Or if like me you have older dc who like to have a bit of a breeze in there face!
They are more expensive than normal shades (about £30 ish when we got them) but worth the money as thay cant be pulled off by the dc and unlike the stick ons they cover the whole of the window.
There is somthing similar made by another company but I cant think who.
We cant have them on our new carsad (vw transporter) as it has slide doors so have had to go for tinted back windows.

thisisyesterday Thu 21-Jul-11 11:54:50


would something like that work do you think?

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