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Two Way Elite Questions

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moonstorm Fri 08-Jul-11 21:01:33

While looking at cars and car seats, I realised that ds had just about outgrown his Besafe seat so I ordered a TWE to keep him reafacing for longer. I'm a little unsure about a few things:

1. How much movement should there be in the seat when installed? (The Besafe - isofix - was rock solid...)
2. Does the seat belt strap go under the seat cover in front of or behind the strap that fits between his legs (the booklet implies in front, videos suggest behind) I wish they did photos not drawings!
3. Is the side impact/ head protection really adequate???? It seems (frankly) rubbish and non-existent compared to other car seats...
4. When installed, the straps are quite hard to lengthen could there be something wrong? I can't see an obstruction, I think the belt thing under the seat is just rubbing on our car seat.]
5. Does anyone have installed behind the driver? Is it easy t0 adjust the driver's seat and car seat for a different passenger (wondering whether is might indrease likelihood of incorrect fitting) If too difficult the alternative will be to have to turn him forward when ds2 moves out of his baby seat...

I think I'll miss the Besafe for him... but at least he's rearfacing... (or could I grow to love it???)


TruthSweet Fri 08-Jul-11 22:37:49

1. It should be rock solid (though there may be a little wiggle if you have squidgy seats) with no movement forwards or backwards. If you have movement then tightening the tethers can help.

2. It depends whether you need to use the ordinary or alternative routing when installing the car seat (if buckle crunch or seat belt is too short alternate routing may help).

If you use the ordinary routing the seat belt goes from the top under the middle of the seat then up and over to clip in to the buckle.

If you use the alternative routing then it's under the seat over the middle then under and clip in the buckle. It goes over the cover too not underneath it (i.e. next to the seat shell).

3. It seems fine to me and I have seen some stats on the Multitech/TWE thread about the side impact protection.

4. It's always been easy to adjust the harness on ours though the adjuster strap (the bit you pull) does get a bit sticky if you don't pull it straight.

5. Ours is installed behind the driver's side but only DH drives so we don't adjust it. I have heard of people having 2 sets of tethers for two different driving positions so they just clip in the right set for each driver.

I love ours for older toddlers upwards and it's great when ffing too (DD1 went ffing from about 4.2-5y when the seat got handed down to DD2) so I'm glad we have it.

nicm Fri 08-Jul-11 22:47:17


1-there should be no movement at all when the tether straps and seat belt are tightened-it is more sturdy than our isofix seat.
2-i have the seatbelt on top of the cover, up the first hole and accross and down the other hole closest to the seatbelt clip iykwim.
3-when i got my twe i too was worried about sip but apparently the sides are as high as the besafe it just looks more shallow due to the size of the actual seat and has scored 9/10 in finland or norway, can't remember where i found this out though! sorry -it was over 2 years ago.
4-i would put it behind the passenger seat if you can as it will need adjusted each time you move the seat and the tethers but no big deal if you can't it will onlt take a few minutes.

you will grow to love it. i have this seat and have had the kiss and have just got 2 hi-way 2's. i think this is the best seat between the kiss and twe. have only had the hi-ways a couple of days so can't really say yet.


nicm Fri 08-Jul-11 22:49:59

sorry 4 should be 5 blush . the straps are always easy to adjust on ours like ts says as long as you pull it straight.


mistressploppy Fri 08-Jul-11 22:53:23

Others have covered your questions, so just popping in to say I LOVE this carseat and have become evangelical about it!

moonstorm Fri 08-Jul-11 23:58:25

I've been using this video.

Is it different to the way you've described? confused

moonstorm Fri 08-Jul-11 23:59:47

Sorry, this one with extended legroom

nicm Sat 09-Jul-11 20:13:03

hi, i have had my twe extended for ds and mindee and it is still rock solid. i have still been putting the harness down, under and up though maybe that is wrong! confused will have a try whern i get the chance and install it that way and see but i would say once the seat belt and thethers are tightened it will be solid.


moonstorm Sat 09-Jul-11 21:00:02

Well, I think maybe the tethers weren't tight enough - it's really solid now and I feel much better about it. Ds says it's more comfortable (but that could be because he likes getting new things wink

I think also the width makes the wings seem smaller. Still wonder how ds2 will cope with it though (if he grows out of his maxi cosi sooner than would be ideal).

They say make sure the seat is fitted correctly, but their picture's aren't clear. Photos really would be much better. Some of the pictures seem to be shown 'your' way and others a different way confused


moonstorm Sat 09-Jul-11 21:04:38

ps just looked at my op - didn't mean to sound rude about SIP, I was just a bit stressed as I spend so much time researching etc. I want to make sure what I put into practice is the best / safest I can. smile

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