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Car seat advice for 13mth old

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tinker316 Mon 04-Jul-11 09:48:21

My DD is just over 13 months old & I need 2 get her a new car seat as she is growing out if her baby one.
I'm a huge fan of britax products & have seen their evolva 123 car seat online & just wondered if any1 has experience of using them??
I want a forward facing seat, that can recline- so any other recommendations will be great!!
Also I'm a bit confused about isofix??
DD will be in different cars- so wasn't sure if I needed it? Or is it easier??
Sorry 4 rambling!! There are so many 2 choose-I don't have a clue!! Lol!!

tinker316 Mon 04-Jul-11 09:59:54

Btw- I have a golf tdi, so need something that would fit easily in it smile

aswellasyou Mon 04-Jul-11 10:30:52

I went straight to looking at group 1 rear facing seats so I can't advise about any forward facers. But isofix is just that the seat has clips that attach to metal links in the back of the seat of your car. Not every car has them so if you're going to be moving the seat, you'll need to check all of the cars have isofix. It does make it easier and quicker to move seats and stops people fitting the seat incorrectly which is really dangerous in an accident.

Loopymumsy Mon 04-Jul-11 17:54:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BertieBotts Mon 04-Jul-11 18:01:06

Another good option for practicality if you're planning to move it between cars a lot is one of the Kiddy seats - I have the infinity pro for DS and I think it's fantastic. Takes seconds to fit and there is no complicated belt routing. It's safer than a seat with a 5-point harness too, though not as safe as rear facing.

SecretNutellaFix Mon 04-Jul-11 18:22:51

I would probably go against the Evolva 123 in your case as you cannot recline it without unstrapping the seatbelt.

Do you have isofix in your car? You can find that out by putting your hands about shoulder width apart between the back and the seat and will be able to feel two metal u-shaped rings. They may be covered by a piece of movable fabric in some models. Brought in as standard in cars from 2006/7 I believe.

For ease of fitting on a non-isofix seat, the Britax King is excellent as you can tilt the seat forward to see where the belt goes when strapping it in.
Another good one for ease of fitting is the Maxi-Cosi Tobi. or Opal, which can be used rear-facing to 13kg.

sazm Mon 04-Jul-11 22:05:47

i had an evolva 123 and loved it,but my daughter was 20 months when i bought it,
i wouldnt put a little 13mo in one,i also would DEF not recommend it if moving it between cars,as it is pretty tricky to fit,and needs a long seatbelt.

rf is much safer i would look into some of the rear facing seats,if not then the ones with impact cushions - the kiddy ones and the cybex pallas are safer than a 5 point harness and MUCH easier to fit smile

babybear5 Mon 04-Jul-11 22:10:13

I also would agree with everyone here that rf is so much safer. I have just moved my 16 month old into a recaro polaric rear facing seat and she loves it. She only weighs 7kg so we struggled to find a seat to fit but i definately agree with erf. Our recaro is iso fix and so easy to a bargain at £100 brand new from e bay.

nicm Mon 04-Jul-11 23:44:52

Hi, I would recommend the britax two way elite as well. It is light and easy to move between cars. We have a set of tethers in each car we use regularly, so we just have to clip it in. the recline on the twe is as much as the baby carrier or can be installed very upright for more leg space. Rf seats are as safe belted as isofix apparently, but isofix makes it easier to install.


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