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Can a Creatis fix maxi cosy seat go in a car WITHOUT the base?

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ParisPreMom Wed 08-Jun-11 13:24:43

People are telling me I can install this Bébé Confort car seat in a car without the plastic base that it's usually sold with. Is this true?
Thanks in advance

imsooutofmydepth Wed 08-Jun-11 13:51:07

Im sure you can as i had the same but the base does make it easier as it jus clips in. Call babies r us they would be able to tell u for definate or check the instructions if you have them

sazm Wed 08-Jun-11 23:00:34

yep,the base just makes life easier smile

nicm Wed 08-Jun-11 23:03:32

Hi you can just use the seat belt. I looked at it for ds2 but it looked difficult to fit so I went with the cabrio again. Look it up on you tube, that's what I did. hth.


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