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Isofix points in a 5 door 57 Ford Fiesta.

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MrGilder Tue 22-Feb-11 19:22:14

Hi, does anyone know where the Isofix points are in a 5 door 57 plate Ford Fiesta?

We would like a Maxi Cosi Familyfix base to go with the Cabriofix, but can't locate the isofix points.

Does anyone have this model car and know if it even has them?

sazm Tue 22-Feb-11 20:05:21

theres usually little labels on the seat to tell you,failing that have a look at your manual,it should tell you x
if it does have them,they will be on either side of the back seat,theres not usually isofix points in the middle of the back seat.

Underachieving Wed 23-Feb-11 22:48:03

If you haven't got a manual, perhaps because the last owner did not pass it on, ask the local Ford dealer to tell you where the isofix points are. It's one of those little things that a brand dealership are mandated to do by the car manufactuers. Helps keep people happy with the brand y'see.

NickiAndAlex Thu 24-Feb-11 21:11:00

The isofix points are usually between the seat and seat back of the outside two rear seats. There's usually a mark or label above them, but if not you could put your fingers down the gap between the seat and seat back and see if you can find them, they won't be far in.

Alternatively, you could go to a place that sells and fits car seats and ask them if the Familyfix base fits in the Fiesta, and if they can show you - they're usually happy to try it out in your car for you.

tigermummy35 Fri 25-Feb-11 16:52:31

I was talking to a chap yesterday whose son in law works for ford. Apparently isofix points come into the garage for all new cars, but not all buyers want them, so often, they don't get fitted. This was news to me, as I thought all cars post 2006 had to have them!

NickiAndAlex Fri 25-Feb-11 21:57:16

I was told by a seat fitter that all new cars had to have them, but have heard several cases where Ford Focuses and Cmaxes haven't had them fitted, but can get them retrofitted by a dealer. I've only heard that in relation to those particular cars, maybe it's only Ford who has a choice and most manufacturers fit them anyway?

It's a bit odd having the choice, it doesn't affect anything else that I could think of, and they're not visible.

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