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Can someone confirm the law with car seats, please!

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brachy Fri 28-Jan-11 15:57:25

A child, age 5, weighing 35lbs and measuring 107cm tall needs some form of car seat, whether it be a harnessed seat, a booster cushion or a high back booster.

However, if the trip is short and unexpected, only the adult seat belt can be used?

What is classed as unexpected? An hours notice, a days notice or 3 days?

LIZS Fri 28-Jan-11 16:00:39

An emergency. Such when you have to get someone else to collect your child as you are unavoidably delayed or taken unwell and either borrowing a seat or walking is not feasible. Sharing school runs or having grandma or cm collect once a week would not qualify.

JannerBird Fri 28-Jan-11 16:03:26

My understanding is the same as LIZS. My confusion is around car seats in the front of the car (for the same aged child as OP),

Ragwort Fri 28-Jan-11 16:06:19

Has anyone been stopped by the police/traffic warden/whoever for not having an appropriate car seat?

(I am not questioning whether or not they are required - but if anyone has actually been stopped/prosecuted).

Just off for school run - with borrowed car seat grin - will check back later.

brachy Fri 28-Jan-11 16:07:24

Thank you for the quick replies. I am now more than fuming and I feel a very strong letter forming to the school.

LIZS Fri 28-Jan-11 16:08:26

Only rear facing seats are illegal in front with an active airbag. Legally forward facing are ok , but not ideal safety wise and seat should be as far back as possible or rear seat used.

coco2901 Fri 28-Jan-11 16:12:13

Sorry to gatecrash but does anyone know the rules when using a taxi?


DilysPrice Fri 28-Jan-11 16:14:21

Taxi is by definition an emergency and all bets are off, but modern black cabs have rather nifty built in booster seats (or of course you can take the pushchair in).

reup Fri 28-Jan-11 16:15:44

I think taxis are excempt from the law.

cat64 Fri 28-Jan-11 16:23:10

Message withdrawn

brachy Fri 28-Jan-11 16:36:13

A letter to the school- DD was transported by the Head today in his car without any form of booster or car seat. The trip was planned, but I was expecting the school bus as the mode of transport.

JannerBird Fri 28-Jan-11 16:49:30

Thanks LIZS.

castleonthehill Fri 28-Jan-11 17:25:01

CC the letter to the chair of governors as well. That is totally unacceptable

LunarRose Fri 28-Jan-11 17:30:57

umm re taxis, I looked into getting a minicab to rail station to go on holiday, was told I WOULD need car seats for the kids... don't know if it's different if it hired of the street

Kev82 Wed 27-Mar-13 18:28:12

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

LIZS Wed 27-Mar-13 18:29:58

Sorry but you should pay to advertise on MN , not just spam threads.

KatAndKit Thu 28-Mar-13 14:51:25

The head was possibly also not insured to use his car for work related purposes and should not have been giving children lifts home from school anyway. You are right to complain - unless the plan had been for her to go on the bus and there was a last minute failure such as the bus not turning up.

janek Thu 28-Mar-13 14:58:30

Even then the head would need business insurance, but it is likely he has this. He's very naive if he doesn't.

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