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Cybex Pallas not safe?

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Terra1 Tue 25-Jan-11 21:32:54

We've been using the Cybex Pallas for a month with our 2-year-old and she's escaped by wriggling out 4 times, mid driving! Absolutely shocking! Mamas and Papas who we bought it from (also Cybex's representative) have been exremely disappointing and refuse to believe us because no one else has reported their toddler can escape from the seat. Has anyone had a similar problem?
(By the way, although fitting this car seat is very straightforward, we have been to our local council's in-car safety unit to make sure we do fit it correctly and we do.)

DoubleDelightTwins Thu 22-Aug-13 21:48:11

Hello again. Thanks for your messages.

We have changed the cushion setting to be more tighter, but she still escaped. We will try to tighten the seat belt better and see if she could escape... Kiddy seats are similar to Cybex, so we are not sure if it is worth trying Kiddy seats. She regularly escapes from buggy strap, too, so we are not sure if 5 point harness car seat is the answer.

Once the weather gets colder, she can travel in thick coats, so that might work.

Ps. Talking of escaping, she escaped through a thin gap in our garden gate. Everyone was amazed that her head went through it... We now have an ugly plastic net all over our garden gate.

DoubleDelightTwins Sat 07-Sep-13 20:50:57

Hello again.

Thank you so much for your messages, BranchingOut and Sleeplessinderbyshire! We now tighten the first half of seatbelt, then fit the second half of seatbelt. Our DD really tried to get out, but couldn't!! So far so good.

We are not sure if Mamas & Papas sales staff has shown us to use the car seat this way. I was too busy entertaining excited twins in the shop while my husband went out to the car park with M&P lady and tried Cybex seat in my car.

PeacockPlumage Sat 07-Sep-13 21:02:18

There is a terrifying crash test video of these seats going around that shows a child being thrown clear out of the seat in a roll over - I am sticking with erf and 5 point harnesses for mine.

It is not a behavioural issue, as if your child can escape the harness then the forces exerted in a crash would be far greater and your child would be ejected. Please don't pad her put with coats/layers. It is actually advised to remove winter coats to ensure a tight fit.

ftcang Sat 21-Sep-13 19:50:53

We have a Cybex Pallas and haven't yet had a problem with our 2.5 yr old son getting out. I agree with gallicgirl and BranchingOut.
To Double Delight Twins: when my friend's eldest toddler started releasing his 5-point harness while they were on a car journey, she would immediately stop the car, rebuckle his harness, and then explain to him that they were "going home" as he would not stay buckled in properly, before driving home to howls of protest. After this happened a few times, he learned pretty quickly to stay buckled in his car seat and she has had no problems with loose toddlers in the car since. Maybe give that a try? Good luck!

RandomMess Sat 21-Sep-13 19:57:08

My houdini could escape from various 5 point harnesses and could undo the buckle on several of them when she was still very young...

Eiremama123 Tue 07-Mar-17 22:02:03

I know this is old now, but feel I have to comment. We have one of these for a year now and have a very strong houdini child. He cannot get out of this seat when fitted correctly and I cannot see how any child could. You must ensure the cushion is tight, so you cannot fit a finger between it and the child, then you put the lap belt piece of the seatbelt in the slot first, buckle the belt and pull tight, you then put the shoulder piece of the seatbelt through the slot. When done like this, no child can move. If your child can turn sideways it's not tight enough. When done like this even my husband could not move the cushion by trying to pull it out. The child had tried his best to wriggle out, but he can't. They have been safety tested and are actually safer than a 5 point harness.

AndKnowItsSeven Tue 07-Mar-17 22:04:35

We did all that Eiremama and our child still escaped . A child can twist and twist gradually and then escape.

TupperwareTat Tue 07-Mar-17 22:07:15

We have always found ours to be really good. It is secure through isofix then easily adjusted to be snug across the tummy and then the seat belt across.

littledinaco Tue 07-Mar-17 22:14:26

Some 2 year olds can undo the buckles on a 5 point harness so not sure what the answer is if you have an escapee.

FinallyDebtFree Tue 07-Mar-17 22:22:04

I have this seat and never had a problem...thread title is pretty alarmist OP

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