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6 month old outgrowing seat straps

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HappySkiingGardeningNewYear Tue 28-Dec-10 17:22:11

My DS is 98th percentile for height and is getting to the point where he is at the maximum length of his seat straps, and his head is nearly at the top of the seat he is in, a Graco 0+ seat.

I don't really want to get the next stage car seat yet, and if I do then are the group 1 seats better than getting a 1/2/3 in terms of safety? If I went rear facing do they do one that will do him for some time and if so are they as good at this stage?

All advice much appreciated.

SmokinSanta Tue 28-Dec-10 17:29:06

The Britax 1st Class is a good seat - rear faces up to 13kg and forward facing after that up to the age of 4. Have had one for both my children and loved them.

The infant carriers arent outgrown until the top of the seat is eye level if i remember correctly. And baby shouldn't be wearing a coat in the car seat either so the straps should give you a bit more give if you put them just in a vest/top and then a blanket over the top.

nicm Tue 28-Dec-10 22:30:29

yes try and keep him in the baby carrier for as long as possible. take his coat tec off and just use blankets etc. ds was off the charts for his height but stayed in his cabrio until 9 months and then went into a britax two way elite. the twe lasts to 25kgs(about 6 yrs) although if he is big like ds probably about 4 and half. wink ds is 2.8 and still in his with loads of growing room. i did miss the cabrio though as he still fell asleep loads and then i had to waken him to bring him into the house etc.

HappySkiingGardeningNewYear Thu 30-Dec-10 20:00:53

I've ordered the Britax. Solves the problem and keeps him rear facing for much longer.

Thanks for the tip!

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