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age 4 car seat

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tiger66 Mon 27-Dec-10 21:11:27

My little boy is in need of a new car seat? I have been lookking at the Britax Kidfix but not sure whether people think having Isofix is better or not for this age car seat?

Any advice would be helpful

castleonthehill Mon 27-Dec-10 22:13:41

we the kidfix. It is not safer when the child is in it although it is stable when getting in an out and means they don't move it on top of the belt as they get in.

When they are not in it the are safer as you don't have to remember to strap it in. So if you have an accident without your child being in the car you won't be hit by their seat. My girls think they are really comfy ( 5 and 9 ) I got the nine year old to sit in load when choosing one for her sister she said the kidfix was the most comfortably

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