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falling out of car seat when asleep!

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backtowork2 Sat 04-Dec-10 19:07:53

I have a Graco junior maxi car seat for my 4 year old. Great until she falls asleep, then she practically hangs out of the side of it, or falls asleep with her head touching her knees. Surely that can't be safe. Anyone got any suggestions eg a clip to go on the seatbelt to keep her upright?

nicm Sat 04-Dec-10 22:13:43

just a thought but what weight is your dd? maybe she's not heavy enough to lock the seatbelt iykwim? could you keep using her stage one if she's under 18kgs? if she is over this weight i've no idea what you could do other than a neck cushion or something as i don't think you could add clips for safety reasons.

backtowork2 Sun 05-Dec-10 12:33:01

Thanks! She is just over 18kgs. I had thought of trying a neck cushion - just wanted to see if anyone had any better ideas! Will give it a go!

harvalp Sun 05-Dec-10 16:26:40

Our Maxicosi Axxiss has a tilt position so that they can sleep at a better angle.

nicm Mon 06-Dec-10 00:21:36

mmm, not sure then! there are some boosters that you can get that recline, not sure which ones though? probably the more expensive britax ones maybe look at that?

SuperTheoryofSuperEverything Mon 06-Dec-10 00:25:02

This happened to DD all the time (not to DS as he never sleeps in the car, he's been a very vocal backseat driver since he started talking hhaha)

I have a very thich headhugger and it does the trick.

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