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Anyone know a good car seat showroom?

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cherub59 Wed 10-Nov-10 12:47:14

Was posting earlier about 3 car seats for 3 under 4 - does anyone know a good car seat showroom in central london where you can actually try the car seats in your car? Thanks!

hackneyzoo Wed 10-Nov-10 14:13:09

I think I posted on your other thread, as am in exactly the same situation, but I live in London and found nowhere for impartial advice or a wide range of seats, I ended up going to the Essex In car Safety Centre in rayleigh Essex. They stock all the current car seats including RF and will try them in your car while you wait and find a combination that fits safely. Its about an hour from London but well worth the time for the amount of hassle it saves.
I emailed Linda and she got back to me straight away.

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