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ahlomasmum Tue 31-Aug-10 14:22:36

Hi - My friend in London who has 3 littlies has a MULTIMAC in her Prius which means she can take her 3 + a friend's 1 in the back. It's really a wonderful invention. Quite expensive but much much less than a new MPV or whatever.

It's very very safe cos anchors to the seat belt mountings so much safer than a reg seat. You can get a rear facing baby cradle too. Really it's solving so many problems for them and I should think for loads of families who can't get 3 in the back of a regular car.

Also she has a mate who has a 3-seater in the back of her Focus! [and it will fit a mini and little Fiat too!]. Why isn't there more publicity about it. I think only way of finding out more info. is

4twins Wed 13-Oct-10 21:01:25


Completley overpriced for what it is.

£1300 for 4 seats when you can buy seats for less £80 each which can be then be transferred to a booster seat by removing back (eg mamas and papas seats).

It is a shame as multimac could really corner the market and sell a lot of these if reasonably priced say around £600 each.

By pricing properly they could sell a lot more and make higher profits to cover all the research and development and patent etc fees paid.

Assume that a bank manager is advising them on their business plan and has got the price and potential demand if price properly completely wrong !!

Real shame as this product could really be big if marketed properly at the correct ptice. £1299....keep the zafira !

Sophie2008 Thu 21-Oct-10 22:12:43

I have a multimac and i love it!

It is a fantastic system and it seats children up until they are 12 years old and you don't have to buy loads of different car seats the older they get.

It is a genius system made by some who saw a need in the market. It is made of aluminum and it allows the baby seats to slot directly into it, where as current cheap seats are very wide and do not allow you to get more than 2 seats in the back of a decent sized family car, this allows 3 or 4 children depending on the model bought.

It is a lot cheaper when you work out the costs of selling your current car, to buying a new bigger one, and then the running costs of that on top. People don't think about these other costs. People carriers are expensive on car tax, and fuel consumption is also quite bad on them.

We had just purchased a brand new car, found out i was pregnant and then it was twins. I had a 1 year old at the time too. we would have lost thousands selling the car and had to spend more on a larger vehicle that would have been more expensive to run so it was cheaper to buy the multimac.

you may think it is expensive but i feel it is well worth it in our situation.

4twins Fri 19-Nov-10 17:50:41


Note what you say. Not questioning the quality (despite comments elsewhere that not recommended for long journeys as seats are to firm and defects in in minimac system) but the price

Have three baby seats in my Zafira which in the middle without problem. Two spare seats in the back.

Zafira is a LPG so cheaper to run than a fiesta and insurance is not as high!

I agree- it is a good product but completely overpriced.

I am sure that Multimac could wipe out a lot the car seats manufactures if the price was reduced.

Until then I'll carry on running the Zafira as the family car and 2 seater convertible as the weekend car !

Kittyzcool Tue 11-Apr-17 09:42:37

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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