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Child escaping from car seat!

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LadyChristina Mon 30-Aug-10 17:58:00

Hello everyone, I wonder if anyone can help please?

My little-for-age 20 month old son has recently perfected the art of wriggling his arms and shoulders out of his car seat and getting out of it - silently. He as done this three times now and has been sincerely told off every time but continues to do it.

Does anyone know if there's something I can do about this which would not adversely affect the performance of the car seat?

He is not overly short but pretty thin, and no matter how tight we do the straps up he can get out.

Any help or advice would be gratefully received. Thank you.

thisisyesterday Mon 30-Aug-10 18:05:14

you can buy chest clips that can make it harder for them to wriggle out of.

AddictedToRadley Tue 31-Aug-10 06:24:29

The only one I've found that is tested for safety is the Houdini Stop from New Zealand. It's available directly from the manufacturers here but don't think you can buy one that's safety tested in the UK. I'm going to order a couple for my DS (21 months) who takes his arms out of the pushchair straps and will, no doubt, soon do it in the car too! It costs 19.95NZ$ which works out at £9.02 at today's rates and includes p&p. I personally think that's an absolute bargain!!

Hope it helps.

LadyChristina Sat 04-Sep-10 11:27:08

AddictedtoRadley - thank you - I just ordered one.

TruthSweet Sat 04-Sep-10 20:00:31

Are the straps on the right slot? If he's rear facing the straps ned to be AT or BELOW his shoulders but if he's forward facing the straps need to be AT or ABOVE his shoulders. Always use the closest slot not the one up/down. If the harness comes from too far above or below their shoulders it gives them extra slack to wriggle out no matter how tight the harness is pulled. Also, bulky coats/jumpers can aide escaping as they compress easily (not safe in a car seat anyway).

theames Mon 11-Oct-10 11:15:25

Message deleted

prettybird Mon 11-Oct-10 11:21:17

He's maybe a little young but the other thing you can try is to teach him that he must not do this: if you are going, say, to the playpark, you stop, put him back in his seat, turn around and go home.

It can be really inconvenient, but he learns that it is not acceptable.

lenats31 Wed 13-Oct-10 22:12:26

If he's rear facing the straps ned to be AT or BELOW

This is not correct! The same rules apply for the rearfacing seats as for the forwardfacing seats.

theames Wed 27-Oct-10 10:51:54

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

alibubbles Thu 28-Oct-10 09:31:28

I had some made for my minded children who are all escaping in turn, as they are similar ages.

It is basically like a luggage strap that goes round a case, but obviously a lot shorter! I had them made in 1.5 inch width webbing, they have an easy release clip, but a child's fingers are not strong enough to press both parts of the clip together.

I spoke to safety people and they said that emergency service just cut webbing on car seats in an emergency, so no worries, to use it was safer than an escaping child.

TruthSweet Thu 28-Oct-10 17:22:40

Lenats31 - Please see here and here (under Fitting hints - guidelines) for details for at/below guidance for harnesses.

EJ123 Sun 19-Dec-10 20:08:09

Get your Houdini Stop fron here, they work a treat! 13150158

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