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maxi cosi opal?

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runningrach Mon 23-Aug-10 00:06:06

Hi, I'm looking at a maxi cosi opal car seat, suitable from birth to around 4yrs, does anyone have one of these or have any opinions?

It doesn't seem to have come up in any discussions and I can't find reviews, maybe it's a new product...?

We have already decided we definitely aren't bothered about an infant carrier so like the idea of only having to have one seat for the next few years. The Britax first class plus is another option but I've seen some reviews of that on MN.


Carseatcrazy Mon 23-Aug-10 09:40:49

I lookded briefly at the opal (more out of interest than anything) and my understanding was that it could stay rearfacing until 4 (which is what everyone now recommends you should do), so I think you'd be better off going for something like the KISS - which does go from birth to 18kg rear facing

The britax first class plus also doesn't stay rearfacing past 13kg I think, so you'll end up having to turn your little one around much too early for their little neck I would strong not recommend doing that.

Have a look at the website website for impartial advice and discussions about all of this

runningrach Mon 23-Aug-10 10:33:36

Thanks carseatcrazy, the Opal does not stay rearfacing until 4 you have to turn them around, like the Britax.

I have had a look the rearfacing website and it's not exactly impartial, there is clearly an agenda, but it does have a good collection of links to research and I appreciate the excellent intentions of the couple behind it.

I'm definitely still interested in hearing any actual experiences of the Opal from people who have used it as I think there is a balance to be achieved when making choices like this, a sensible choice takes into account comfort, ease of use, and relevance to your lifestyle as well as safety. The safest option would be never to use a car! But then we might still get run over by a bus...

raindroprhyme Mon 23-Aug-10 11:01:07

The britax first class is a pain to use in the rear facing mode as the seat belt is in the way. You have to squeeze child underneath it to get them into the seat.
I have no experience of the opal but would check if the threading of th$e seatbelt is similar as it is not worth the hassle.
i would use an infant carrier with a base as then they are easy to use and all go up to 13kg now anyway. So the rear facing is the same length of time as a combination seat.

castleonthehill Mon 23-Aug-10 12:18:25

You won't find any users as it is not out yet not even on the maxi cosy website. On the three sites I looked at they had different information about it one said it was rearward facing the others didn't. Important thing with buying a carseat is that it fits in you car and you can fit it in the car. Having the newest carseat out is not always the safest. For stage 1 carseat it is worth measuring the back of the seat after checking in the instruction how tall they will be when they are to tall most it is eyes level with the back of the seat. maxi cosy tobi it is shoulder level with the top straps for my dd she grew out of it at 2.5 by stayed it her bitax seat for another 20mths. I know this is not what you asked but hopefully helpful

runningrach Mon 23-Aug-10 13:16:02

Thats odd, Mothercare claim they have the Opal in stock with next day despatch! All the places I've seen it say rear til 13kg and then forward. I wasn't sure whether it was new, and not bothered about that (would rather have something that others have tried and tested actually) - main reason for wanting a group 0+1 is it seems less wasteful and troublesome having one car seat last a few years than be changing after 9 months and have to throw a little used item away. The Britax one has had some negative reviews on babies heads flopping forward when they sleep - thanks for additional feedback on that - will def be avoiding the Britax.

castleonthehill Mon 23-Aug-10 13:57:28

Head flipping forwards can happen in most carseat in some car. cars have different seat so seat are at a different angle in them you really need to try it in your car.

nicm Mon 23-Aug-10 13:58:52

haven't seen the maxi cosi but if you want a seat from birth to 4 have you considered the KISS? it's isofix or seatbelt, has a baby carrier part that lifts off the frame and is lovely and padded looking for a nb. i only got it when ds was a toddler and have no complaints from him but plan to use it from birth later this yr.

raindroprhyme Mon 23-Aug-10 19:50:59

As most infant carriers last until 13kg now they are used until the child is a year old at least and most people i know till 15/16 months.
putting a child forwad facing at 9 months is not reccomended.
If you are concerned about wastage i would invest in a good infant carrier with base which will be used for at least a year then get a combination group 123 like kiddy comfort pro
or britax evolva
a tiny baby in a huge seat can look really lost they are always more comfortable in a infant seat.

Fosmum Tue 22-Feb-11 12:24:33

Has anyone tried an Opal since this thread?

lanoxf Sat 13-Aug-11 22:13:27

Hi, is Maxi Cosi Opal seat could be used with a pushchair? thanks!

sleepevader Sat 20-Aug-11 19:51:43

Hi no it's a fixed car seat - ie remains in car.

SummerMama2010 Sun 11-Sep-11 21:42:02

Hi everyone,

I have an Opal and I love it. It is rear facing from birth to maximum 13kg and then goes forward facing up to 18kg.

My LO is now 13 months old and still under 13kg so he remains rear facing. He's comfortable & safe.

I love how there is a twisty knob on the front of the seat which opens out the sides to accomodate your child perfectly. It comes with a lumbar support cushion for very young babies which I stopped using when LO was about 10 months old. It has hooks either side for the harness to go into to stop it getting tangled up when you're getting baby in/out and is easy to tension tightly. The harness height is adjusted by moving the head cushion section forward and moving it up and down as required so its nice and simple and no messing about.

The only drawback I've found is that the seatbelt is right across where you want to put baby in/take baby out the gap. My seatbelt is at full length to accomodate the Opal so I can't get it out of the way: I have to post LO through the gap! Not ideal, and wouldn't have been happy doing this with a newborn (I've been using it since LO was 9 months old). It remains in the car and doesn't come out to use on a pushchair chassis.

For my full review please visit my blog

justforinfo Wed 14-Sep-11 23:03:44

ummm....The opal is crap (sorry for being blunt) It has only been crash tested to the legal requirement (25g/30 mph) and when it was tested at a higher impact the base broke and the seat twisted around (like when you turn it forward) also, the crash test dummies head was wedged between the head support and the seat :-/

The first class was much better in the crash test and it is simple to fit once your shown how (shown properly - I found the britax installation video very helpful) As for the problem with no room, I've found that if I hook the seatbelt under the side of the seat it's very easy to get baba in and out! Just have to remember to put it back!

To be fair to the opal crash test that is the forward facing one (can't find a RF one and not found that since), however i'd avoid it like the plague.

If your after something to leave in the car I wouldn't limit yourself with a group 0+1, There are so many options at group 1! and it's safer for children to be RF till 4 y/o so maybe look at a RF seat thats from birth to 4? Or a base and carrier! Personally i'm happy with the first class and will have the multi-tech next.

Mayaaa Sun 27-Nov-11 22:26:28

Maxi cosi is available in other countries under a different name bebe confort. The opal seat was tested by ADAC, Germany's and Europe's largest automobile club, with more than 17 million members. There is a link to check what they came up with Unfortunately the results were only satisfactory for this seat and some others were not recommended at all! The best car seats were Cybex, but they do not do 0+/1 group seats as far as I know.

Mayaaa Sun 27-Nov-11 22:28:22

Saying that this seat looks very comfortable , is well padded, etc. Not sure what to do as Britax does not fit my car.

justforinfo Mon 28-Nov-11 21:41:25

It was only tested at 50mph in the higher impact when the base broke and twisted, I can't recommend not getting it enough!

If you don't have ISOfix have a look at the BeSafe iZi Kid which I believe is rearfacing from birth to 18kg. Or the Klippan Kiss which is another rearfacer from birth to 18kg.

Failing that, I'd recommend either:

A base fitted into your car with the group 0+ clipped in and left there
The Britax BabySafe Sleeper, fitting sideways and lying flat to 10kg, then get an extended rear facing seat such as the Britax Two Way Elite.

I hope you get it sorted! It can be a right minefield once you get into it!

lazov Sat 17-Jan-15 19:12:17

@justforinfo: can you provide any source of above info you wrote re Opal crash test? We are about to buy a baby seat and consider this model as safe and priceworthy, so really would like to trace it as much as we can. Thanks.

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