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Britax Asis replacement covers help please..

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amymo Sat 14-Aug-10 11:45:07

Hi, I have a BRitax Asis car seat but the covers are no good the elastic has gone in them. It is 4 years old but my baby will need to use it very soon and I dont really want to go out and but a new seat for £100 when the seat I have is perfect apart from the covers. Does anyone know if replacement covers can be bought for this old model seat?

Thank you

mybootsaremuddy Sat 14-Aug-10 16:51:18

What model of Britax is the seat? (ASIS just tells u the seat has 'Advanced Side Impact Sheild') and is not the model.
Providing the same seat is still available should be able to contact Britax and get a replacement cover or try a local shop selling the same seat and ask them if they can order one a friend of mine has just done this for her eclipse to replace the pink covers she had for dd with a black one for dsgrin.
If u look on ebay you may even be able to get some on there that are in good condition or even new.
Hope this helpssmile

amymo Sun 15-Aug-10 13:04:14

oh thank you, I will check wink

2pudsburty Mon 18-Apr-16 20:51:55

Hi I am looking for a Britax Eclipse Si replacement cover( for my grandaughter's

cas seat.)
have never tried to look for anything before , saw your website,thought you might be able to help a first time Grandma!

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