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Yippeeeee camping time again

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sallystrawberry Wed 17-Aug-05 11:57:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Milliways Wed 17-Aug-05 16:41:19

Have fun.

We are going to France next week - in a mobile home though! Can't wait.

Lucycat Fri 19-Aug-05 11:25:40

Decided yet sally?

happymerryberries Fri 19-Aug-05 11:31:02

What AGAIN??? Lucky thing . Where are you off?

Lucycat Fri 19-Aug-05 12:39:30

Couldn't resist the camping thread eh hmb?

We're going to Anglesey in a week or so - just for a few nights at first to get the hang of it all!!

sallystrawberry Sat 20-Aug-05 01:37:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cerys Sat 20-Aug-05 10:45:44

hi Sallystrawberry, hope you have a lovely time in Pembs. I went to visit a friend who has a caravan on a site at Oxwich last week and there were lots of tents there. I wondered if you'd found another site to visit. Oxwich is a bit too near Slade beach and the snakes for my liking!

have fun!

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