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HUGE Thanks to hmb and JanH we have a tent!

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Lucycat Fri 12-Aug-05 09:24:19

After much deliberation and internet searching AND huge help from hmb and JanH - we are now the proud owners of an Outwell Colorado 8 here! (complete with side canopy }

I had to phone round loads of places to get one as its so late in 'the season' but I managed to get one from Cotswold, who had 2 left!!

It's now sitting in it's bag in the corner of the room looking menacing while we try to find someone with a big enough garden to practice putting it up! (a 7m long tent doesn't quite fit into ours!!!)

All being well, we're heading off to Anglesey / Lleyn Peninsula in the next couple of weeks.

So thanks to you both for guiding me through the minefield!!

Janh Fri 12-Aug-05 10:20:22

Fantastic, lucy! Welcome to the - er - club . Watch out for hmb sneaking around after your side canopy when she gets back from France though...

If you can't find a garden you could try putting it up in the park (ideally when it's quiet to avoid too many "helpful" remarks).

Anglesey and Lleyn peninsula both lovely places, hope you have good weather.

Lucycat Tue 16-Aug-05 13:30:34

As a little addition to the tent saga - I was looking for an ehu (electric hook up to us camping saddos!!) and came across the same tent as ours here and at £80 cheaper I wasn't best pleased - so dh got on the phone to Cotswold who have agreed to match the price plus the fiver they charged for delivery! so £85 refund - so chuffed - it'll pay for loads more stuff!

Oh and if anyone wants one - ccc outdoors had 20 in stock yesterday

Cotswold have THE best customer service

Lucycat Tue 16-Aug-05 17:35:42


happymerryberries Wed 17-Aug-05 21:07:27

Glad you got it and are happy!

We have just come back from a wonderful camping holiday in France and the Colorado 8 was superb! In all honesty we only used it to sleep in, as the weather was so goo, but it is a well made tent and had masses of room.

And I'm at the side canopy!
Have a great time!

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