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Best camping towel

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3rdnparty Fri 21-Jun-13 21:19:33

large karrimor microfibre from sports direct £9.99 each, come with little travel bag ...much thicker than the decathlon ones we bought a couple of years back and a really nice shade of purple too grin also microfibre turban thing from primark..fantastic for drying hair even if you do look a bit daft grin

Ineedmorepatience Thu 13-Jun-13 21:28:23

We use the decathlon ones too, they were 2 for £15 last summer. We needed 8 so good for us. A major investment but worth every penny for the space they save and how quickly they dry.

They are fab smile

cottonandolive Thu 13-Jun-13 21:17:12

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fireandlife Mon 07-Jun-10 21:56:21

Love the idea of dying them Lucy. I think I might do the same with my Granny's wierd mixture of ancient towels then perhaps they'll look less horrible!

fireandlife Mon 07-Jun-10 21:54:06

My Granny's really, really old thin ones!

Lucycat Mon 07-Jun-10 21:53:57

Microfibre towels also set my teeth on edge - we use cheapo old ones from home. I dyed them dark green to match the tent grin or is that blush

spikemomma Mon 07-Jun-10 21:51:22

Well, i found some micro fibre towels in a 99p shop! - so we'll see what they are like. I'd heard about the Dunhelm ones but we don't have a store near us and they are not online. Shame. Thanks for all of your suggestions.

CatHerder Sun 06-Jun-10 10:06:57

We have Mountain Life towels from Mountain Warehouse here.

I can't stand the feel of many microfibre things - that kind of slightly static scratchy feel that just sets my teeth on edge. I had great trouble with microfibre inserts for cloth nappies!

Anyway, these towels are soft, slightly velvety, not "micro-fibre-y" at all.

They dry you well, and dry quickly. But they don't warm you up - my children like to get dry by wrapping a big fluffy towel around themselves and just standing there for about half-an-hour. You can't do that with these! Well, you'd be dry but also very cold.

poppyboo Sun 06-Jun-10 09:59:14

serin, LOL smile I'm a sucker for the high tech stuff LOL just can't resist...I tell my husband, yeah, it will last for years.... grin and so I get away with it!

serin Sun 06-Jun-10 00:08:42

Asda, cheapo towels are seriously thin and dry quickly.

You can wrap a child in them and cover both front and back bum and boobs! (£2 each).

PMSL at £23, they saw you coming!

Slubberdegullion Sat 05-Jun-10 15:31:59

mmm I've just looked on the website for you and they're not there.

I got mine last year. There were two or three giant bins full of them and they were all reduced, hence the 99p tag.

Slubberdegullion Sat 05-Jun-10 15:28:33

Well yes, at 23 pounds a pop you'd want your towel to dry to to within and inch of your life and then compliment you on how nice and slim you were looking.

Seriously, the dunelm mill ones really do work. You have to pat yourself with them rather than rub and you can't wrap a shivering child up in one nor wrap one round your waist to cover both front and back bottoms.

poppyboo Sat 05-Jun-10 15:12:00

i got recommended the liveeventure ones by my brother, he does a lot of camping and climbing and said they were amazing, at that price they should be!

poppyboo Sat 05-Jun-10 15:10:22

getting! so not got yet! I think I must have a tremor....probably a tremor from shock b/c for the last 24 hours I have been having a break from my two girls which rarely
so they're really great! They're an amazing price!

Slubberdegullion Sat 05-Jun-10 14:43:46

maybe you have a tremor? grin

I hope you havene't gone and ordered 8 of your towels

Slubberdegullion Sat 05-Jun-10 14:42:53

getting or got? grin

These are seriously low end but I come out of the shower like this shock everytime I use them as I am actually dry and my hair is just damp.

I have little stick on hooks that go on the inside of the car windows, they hang up there over night and are dry next morning.

poppyboo Sat 05-Jun-10 14:40:40

i keep double posting for some reason.....

poppyboo Sat 05-Jun-10 14:40:05

wow slubber that price is amazing! Now i'm blush at price of the ones we're getting...

poppyboo Sat 05-Jun-10 14:39:48

wow slubber that price is amazing! Now i'm blush at price of the ones we're getting...

Slubberdegullion Sat 05-Jun-10 14:36:16

Dunelm Mill Microfibre towels

99p each (I think, or maybe they were £1.50 each) anyway they were some ridiculously tiny amount and they do the job amazingly. They must measure 30cm x 50cm so seriously tiny and they dry me and my moderately long hair just fine. Dry like that <snaps fingers>

bobby bargain amundo

poppyboo Sat 05-Jun-10 14:35:01

Lifeventure microfibre trek towel in X- large-
£23 compact and highly absorbant with bath towel feel.
They dry very quickly too and hardly take up any room.

poppyboo Sat 05-Jun-10 14:20:35

Lifeventure microfibre trek towel in X- large-
£23 compact and highly absorbant with bath towel feel.
They dry very quickly too and hardly take up any room.

Milliways Fri 04-Jun-10 17:53:17

We use the Aldi Microfibre towels. They are very lightweight, roll up tightly & dry really fast. We even cut one up so DD took a piece of one for her DofE Gold Expedition.

sandripples Fri 04-Jun-10 17:27:34

I like the traVEL TOWELS IN DECATHLON - very light-weight and dry well. Sorry lapsed into capitals by mistake. They're not normal towelling material, but I don't actually know what the material is!

spikemomma Thu 03-Jun-10 22:09:44

Fed up with damp towels knocking around the tent and never drying! Can you recommend a really good camping/travel towel?

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