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MN camping meetup??????????????

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supersalstrawberry Sun 30-May-10 22:40:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

supersalstrawberry Mon 07-Jun-10 11:23:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

supersalstrawberry Mon 07-Jun-10 11:27:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

liahgen66 Mon 07-Jun-10 11:31:29

I'm Kent but happy to travel a bit,

I have that will come

ds 12 (Alomost 13)
ds 6
dd 5
dd 3

Showers would be nice, anything else is great, don't need amusements, (in fact the less the better, less pester power)

supersalstrawberry Mon 07-Jun-10 11:38:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FrozenChocolate Mon 07-Jun-10 22:19:37

Oooh can I come?

Me 96
Ds 15
Ds 10

But I don't drink, don't want to be a party pooper though...

liahgen66 Mon 07-Jun-10 22:40:23

well I hope to be pregnant so we'll not drink together chocolate

MollieO Tue 08-Jun-10 13:48:37

Any more thoughts on when and where? Last year we went around 20th August.

Revelry Tue 08-Jun-10 13:51:02

I'd come, dates allowing. One of the sites in the New Forest has a rally field. I think it was about £25 per family for two nights.

supersalstrawberry Tue 08-Jun-10 20:50:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MollieO Tue 08-Jun-10 21:30:15

Roundhill has a rally field. I'm happy to go to the New Forest but it is a bit of a hike for those from oop north.

belledechocolatefluffybunny Tue 08-Jun-10 21:32:38

Meee! Can we come?
It's just ds (aged 11) and I. I'm in Derbyshire and like public transport (as I can't drive)

Revelry Tue 08-Jun-10 22:05:51

That's the one MollieO! It's a lovely field. It is very south though.

supersalstrawberry Tue 08-Jun-10 22:06:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

belledechocolatefluffybunny Tue 08-Jun-10 22:11:07

Ashbourne is nice, it's in the middle aswell (and I won't have far to go) grin

deepdarkwood Tue 08-Jun-10 22:15:03

oohhh, hello, are you still open for newcomers. Do you promise not to laugh if I put my tent up slightly squiffy?

It'd be me, dh, and dcs 6 & 4, and we're Surrey/London borders based.

MrsSnaplegs Tue 08-Jun-10 22:28:56

Maybe up for this as well - depending on whether we get offered a house then or not (due a move) - would be me,DH,DD 4 plus ? dog if no-one minds - we are happy to travel anywhere really although north of B'ham would need to be a long w/end to include travelling. May camp - may bring Rosey if she is finished ( I bl**dy hope so!) Let me know when and where.

see i know of one site here in herts that has about 20 pitches in total, on a farm with good toilets ect, its only £10 a night grin

maybe we should decide on a few dates and then choose which other one people can make?

20th Aug is good for us
whats it like for others?

MollieO Wed 09-Jun-10 13:22:48

20th Aug is good for us (me and ds) too.

mumtoallgirls Wed 09-Jun-10 19:46:15

wellington country park is just up the road from me...
can't do the weekends of 14th or 20th aug as camping, but can do any weekend, before or after!
my girls r 1,2 and 4! they'd love it!

MollieO Wed 09-Jun-10 20:03:10

Spent last weekend at Wellington Country Park and didn't rate it at all. Park itself was nice but I thought the camping facilities were very poor.

No camp shop - you had to drive off site to the farm shop or elsewhere.

6 showers (three male, three female) for 72 pitches. Showers themselves were very poor - the sort of ones that feel as if you are being spat at rather than getting clean. I wash my hair every day but there wasn't enough water coming out of the shower to do that! Toilet facilities were always dirty.

Over officious wardens - wanting cars moved even though car owners (not me!) had had too much to drink and promised to move car (not in anyone's way) at 8am the next morning. Same wardens nowhere to be seen to enforce 11pm quiet.

Pitches were a good size but very dusty and I imagine would be a mudbath when it rained.

Shame as it is a short drive for us too. Before last weekend I had pencilled in to go there again later in the summer but I won't be going back now.

Greenshadow Wed 09-Jun-10 20:13:07

Have camped at Wellington Country Park in the past and would agree with most of what MollieO said.
Would also say that it is probably not the best site for a big group event as pitches are in the woods rather than in a field and you could therefore feel a bit 'separate' and not part of the group.
A field, with an area in the middle to meet, might be better.

supersalstrawberry Wed 09-Jun-10 22:17:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

supersalstrawberry Wed 09-Jun-10 22:26:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MollieO Thu 10-Jun-10 09:57:43

Any more thoughts on when and where and who can come? Not sure I can do basic unless I can borrow your solar shower Sal grin.

yes has showers and toilets thats it.
Personally we love Fen Farm on Mersea Island but i'd guess thats too south for some.

Where is pretty central to all?

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