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Anyone camped near Dieppe?

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spidermama Sat 30-Jul-05 20:44:37

We're looking for a cheap holiday for the kids camping in France. We're crossing to Dieppe so if anyone knows of a good area/campsite within, say, three hours drive of Dieppe, I'd love to hear about it.

spidermama Sat 30-Jul-05 22:31:11

Or will all the campsites be booked up by now?

spidermama Mon 01-Aug-05 10:44:16


tabitha Mon 01-Aug-05 10:56:56

I stayed here two years ago and sailed to Dieppe (35 miles) away.
Campsite was fine, but it did have an air of being a temporary stop-off for people going further afield, which it probably was.

spidermama Mon 01-Aug-05 11:14:47

Thnaks tabitha. I think it will be a temporary stop off before we visit friends to it might be just the job.

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