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Any good caravan parks in Yorkshire.

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MrsBubsDeVere Sun 24-Jul-05 15:55:19

Does anyone know of any good caravan parks in Yorkshire please.

Janh Sun 24-Jul-05 15:56:17

Touring or static?

Janh Sun 24-Jul-05 15:56:28

And do you want quiet or raving?

Janh Sun 24-Jul-05 15:56:51

(Only I know a lovely quiet one in the Dales)

MrsBubsDeVere Sun 24-Jul-05 15:58:29

Duh! Should have said that I want static lol, thanks for that Janh

MrsBubsDeVere Sun 24-Jul-05 15:58:46

Dales could be quite good too.

Janh Sun 24-Jul-05 15:59:21

The one I know has a few statics if that's what you're looking for?

There are 2 or 3 Haven ones around Scarborough.

Roobie Sun 24-Jul-05 16:00:25

We rented a cottage in Rosedale Abbey nr Pickering a few years ago and there was what looked like a lovely camping/caravan site bang in the middle of the village.
I think this is a link to it (it includes 1 review)...
Rosedale Abbey
I would heartily recommend the area. I had not been to North Yorkshire before and I was gobsmacked at how beautiful it was.

MrsBubsDeVere Sun 24-Jul-05 16:00:35

Yes it is Janh, i think that caravan holidays feel like real holidays for kids iykwim

Janh Sun 24-Jul-05 16:02:53

Howgill Lodge

MrsBubsDeVere Sun 24-Jul-05 16:08:09

That looks lovely, a distinct possibility just try and figure out how to get there

Janh Sun 24-Jul-05 16:11:17

It's a lovely site in a beautiful place, we have been going there (just for a weekend) for 15 years!

It's near Skipton, off the A59 which runs between Preston and Harrogate, if that helps.

MrsBubsDeVere Sun 24-Jul-05 16:33:51

We'll have to go by train as neither of us drive, is there much nearby for children>

Janh Sun 24-Jul-05 20:52:46

Sorry, missed your reply before.

Ah, if you're not driving it probably wouldn't do - it's a loooong way from public transport and the main entertainment on site is a steeply sloping road for eg breaking limbs on with skateboards.

You might be better off with something like Haven - their Yorkshire (Filey) sites are here - I'll see if I can find anything else.

Where are you coming from?

Ellbell Sun 24-Jul-05 23:30:35

Ooh, Janh... we stayed there a couple of weeks ago (in a tent though). It's a lovely site.

Janh Sun 24-Jul-05 23:33:21

Ellbell, you're kidding! We were there 2 weeks ago (Well I wasn't really but DH, DS1 & 2, DS2's friend, DD2 and her boyf were there Fri - Sun!!!)

On bottom pitch on R, by bins, just before you turn R to go down to the big field at the very bottom.

Ellbell Mon 25-Jul-05 00:00:10

We were there 1st-3rd July. Right by the loos towards the bottom of the hill before you turn to go into the other field. We have a blue MPV and two riotous dds, who are incapable of respecting other people's private space (apologies to anyone else camping there at the time!). But maybe your family was there the week after us?

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