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first time campers where to go ?

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golds Sat 16-Jul-05 10:05:54

This will be our first time at camping, can anyone recommend a good camp site not too far away from Staffordshire - want to be able to come home if I hate it.

Looked on various web sites but would prefer personal recommendations, was thinking Wales or Derbyshire areas. dd is 7 and ds is 5 would be great if there was a pool for them. Not too noisy.

Can anyone help ?

beetroot Sat 16-Jul-05 10:06:27

Message withdrawn

golds Sat 16-Jul-05 10:16:10

yes, that is more me, kids and dh want to do it though. I have visions of bike riding, kite flying, cooking sausages etc.. not creepy crawlies, insect bits, being rained on

hercules Sat 16-Jul-05 10:48:39

tryhere-lots of reviews as well

charleepeters Sat 16-Jul-05 10:49:52

If its your first time, make sure you go where theres somewhere with showers toilets ect, only the real experienced camper can go o'naturel!

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