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We bought a tent yesterday - where shall we go?

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PrettyCandles Sun 10-Jul-05 15:28:51

OMG what was I thinking of? It was all my idea "let's buy a family-size tent and take the children camping. It'll be fun, an adventure." But I hate camping! Breaking my back crawling around, trying to get dressed without standing up, midges in your food, and (oh, horror of horrors) those hideous communal concrete showers and loos.

Dh has been persuaded that we should try a 2-night camp before going off on a summer holiday camp. So, where can we go within an hour or so drive from London, with decent showers and loos? And either close to nice things to do with a 2yo and a 4yo, or else with nice things on-site.

There's a current thread I think where people are talking about camping in France? Is that a good idea for camping virgins? Any suggestions?


(What have I got myself into?)

karenanne Sun 10-Jul-05 16:20:22

hi prettycandles.
welcome firstly to the joys of camping.ive recently bought a tent after not having camped since i was little.

we recently went down to the new forest ..their sites are great right in the forest ,ponies wandering past and near to the sea etc as well.loads to see and do all around.
we went to hollands wood site.nice clean toilets and showers ,really enjoyed it,just me and my two kids(5 and 18mths).must admit bit worried about them sleeping etc but they loved it and keep asking when we're going

one bit of advice though if you do head down that way leave as early as you can friday as by 7-8pm theyre either fully booked or theres huge queues.

PrettyCandles Sun 10-Jul-05 21:06:57

Thanks, Karenanne

Milliways Sun 10-Jul-05 21:23:13

We go to Bracelands, Forest of Dean, for short breaks. It is large rolling fields surrounded by Forest, good for walking & cycling. No commercialism. The Forest Holidays
website has lots of good sites, but read the print as some have NO LOOS (caravans only) but where there are loos they are very good.

pabla Sun 10-Jul-05 21:24:25

What part of London are you in? If you are W/S Bournemouth is not too far, nice beach, and there is a camp site near the airport(airfield?) I agree that the New Forest is nice but as it is in the forest itself so not actually fenced off it might be a bit hard to contain young kids (or it would be for mine IYSWIM).

fishfinger Sun 10-Jul-05 21:25:02

sandy balls!

fishfinger Sun 10-Jul-05 21:25:26

SoupDragon Sun 10-Jul-05 21:26:09

Back garden.

And then put the tent away and forget you ever bought one.

<<shudders in a delicate manner at the thought of camping>>

sallystrawberry Sun 10-Jul-05 21:30:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Milliways Sun 10-Jul-05 21:47:17

Yes, we looked at Christchurch Sally, but normally so many of us go together it is esaier with the space at Bracelands - Christchurch always seems more crowded - although it does have the shop & playground. Both sites have the freedom of the Forest for the kids though

sallystrawberry Sun 10-Jul-05 21:50:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Milliways Sun 10-Jul-05 21:53:23

Have you done the Sculpture Trail? My kids were dying with laughter at some of the sculptures, and we got lost & missed the best ones! They also love walking down to the "wobbly" suspension bridge, straight from the site. We are going again first weekend in August.

dinny Sun 10-Jul-05 21:53:36

West Whittering is supposed to be great for camping, PrettyCandles...and not too far from London.

sallystrawberry Sun 10-Jul-05 21:58:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Milliways Sun 10-Jul-05 22:02:14

Sounds Fun.

Dinny - do you have details of the West Wittering site, that is a beach we go to for day trips so wouyld like to camp there!

Janh Sun 10-Jul-05 22:07:47

Nunnington Farm, West Wittering

sallystrawberry Sun 10-Jul-05 22:09:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Janh Sun 10-Jul-05 22:09:26

campsites in or around West Wittering

Milliways Sun 10-Jul-05 22:11:34

Thanks Jan

PrettyCandles Mon 11-Jul-05 20:48:21

What are the Rock and the Saracen's Head?

happymerryberries Mon 11-Jul-05 20:59:49

we went just outside of bournemouth for 4 days and had a great time. off to france in the summer holiday for 2 weeks. all in it will cost us less than 700 ukp for the 4 of us!

arwen Tue 12-Jul-05 14:36:13

are there any sites to avoid in the new forest? There are about 6 families that want to give it a go but we want to be close to home and the forest is perfect. As we will be a large group all with tiny's we need somewhere with lots of open space not just forest so they can meander and we don't have to spend the entire time chasing them....Also want good toilet facilities Any suggestions appreciated

Oliviab Tue 12-Jul-05 15:30:36

Perfect timing this thread, I too am awaiting delivery of my new tent and am wondering what on earth got into me. Plan was not to do it until next year when ds is walking but I can't resist an Ebay bargain.
We may just take dd to Sandy Balls to try it out as we live very near.

misdee Tue 12-Jul-05 15:32:37

mine is up in the back garden atm to keep dd2 quiet. she is pretending to be on holiday.

Blu Tue 12-Jul-05 15:35:26

Wellington Park is meant to be great - v good facilities, lots for children to do - it's a 'country park' near the Thames, near Reading, I think.

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