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Has anyone camped whilst pregnant?

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beatie Thu 07-Jul-05 14:58:35

If so, what's the best way to ensure sleeping comfort?

I'm almost 7 months pregnant and thinking of a 3 night trip in about a fortnight.

tarantula Thu 07-Jul-05 15:41:16

I have been camping while pg but was only 4 and 5 mnths at the time and had no problems. was also sleeping on the ground as didnt have a blowup bed (yes Im am completely mad). Cant think of any tips on staying comfy except poss bring a double blowup bed and hog it all yourself Have fun and I hope you enjoy it.

charleepeters Thu 07-Jul-05 16:04:43

im sure 3 nights away would be great pg or not - i have a huge blow up matress its reall comfy for caming i had it on my bed when i was pg - it was nice and squashy!

spidermama Thu 07-Jul-05 16:09:42

I camped at the Big Chill Festival whilst 7 months pregnant and with 2 small kids and it was a big mistake. I couldn't get compfy on the blow up bed. We ended up all de-camping to a hotel. It was humiliating because I wanted to be Mrs. Cool at the festy and the kids were leaping around as we packed up shouting 'Will our hotel have a TV Mummy?'

spidermama Thu 07-Jul-05 21:21:21

Get yourself a posh self-inflating mattress.

beatie Fri 08-Jul-05 07:29:02

Ooh - where do I get one of those? Any camping shop?

Fio2 Fri 08-Jul-05 07:30:59

yes i did at 7 1/2 months, must admit when i pissed on a bucket it felt like i was going to give birth, TMI?

Sax Fri 08-Jul-05 07:37:31

I aggree about the blow up bed, don't fully inflate to allow for bump etc! Good excuse not to do any of the manual camping stuff like putting up tents etc, take a good chair and 'chill' out - I adore camping - very jealous!!!!! Go for it imo.

beatie Fri 08-Jul-05 08:06:56

Thanks for everyone's positive thoughts. I entertained the idea of booking a cottage or caravan but it's just not the same is it.

Papillon Fri 08-Jul-05 08:09:10

agree with Airbed - we cammped around Sicily when I was about 6 months for 2 weeks. Check it b4 you leave in case it is prone to deflation in the middle of the night and take a repair kit.

I like having a pillow so if you can take one I recommend it. I found sleeping in a sarong good for midnight bowel reconnoissance.

spidermama Fri 08-Jul-05 09:27:29

You can even get yourself a special camping toilet these days. Sorry, 'lavatory'. A bit OTT perhaps but when you're pregnant you have to pull out all the stops to sleep under the stars.

Sax Fri 08-Jul-05 09:37:58

Ah but squatting behind a bush is good practise LOL - I gave birth standing up (in an hour my 11lb 3oz popped out) so you get squatting, none of this fancy camping loos LOL.

spidermama Fri 08-Jul-05 09:41:03

Woooooooooo. Sax that brings back memories. I've given birth standing up twice. But 11lbs! OOcha! my biggest was 10 and that was enough.

Sax Fri 08-Jul-05 09:43:52

LOL, yes defo recommend gravity - other two were on the bed and bloody awful so think gravity can play a huge part. Don't quite know what happened about the weight thing - guess I's just fat momma!!!!!


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