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Languedoc, France for May half term

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kiwibella Tue 05-Jan-10 15:34:23

I'm going to book a week for the May half term so just looking for some advice or suggestions? We've looked at the major companies and have list after list of price comparisons so would appreciate recommendations of where you have stayed.

Dds are 13 and 2... don't mind tent or mobile home... want beach and playground to wear out littlie grin... can drive or will look at fly / train options also.

wendyhmj Tue 05-Jan-10 19:01:15


I live near Montpellier.

Have you seen the gites on ?

Also have a look at for ideas of things to do come rain or shine - Montpellier itself is only 6km from the beach and there are a huge selection of things to do in the beach / countryside areas around us.

At the other end of Languedoc this place is great:

Portofino Tue 05-Jan-10 19:13:26

We stayed with Siblu at lac des Reves just outside Montpellier. It was lovely. Heated pools / kids clubs / several playgrounds and the restaurant was very good value. Montpellier itself is well worth a visit and there are lots of things to do and see in the area. I did a review on here somewhere.

kiwibella Tue 05-Jan-10 20:55:42

thanks you two... I'll have a good look at all your suggestions.

Wendy, how warm will the weather be in May / June? Do you think it is warm enough for camping?

pinkteddy Tue 05-Jan-10 20:58:05

I can recommmend La Carabasse, also a Siblu site, thread under short haul about it somewhere!

pinkteddy Tue 05-Jan-10 20:59:19

only thing I would say is you may find some things won't be open in France in May/June. Everything geared for French summer in July/August. Double check - I'm pretty sure it tells you on the Siblu website.

Frostythesurfmum Tue 05-Jan-10 21:36:41

We went to Les Sables Du Midi (Siblu) last Whitsun half term. It was definitely warm enough to camp, it was boiling! But there was hardly anyone on the site. The mobile homes weren't open so it was us in our campervan and 3 retired dutch couples in the touring part!

There was only 1 pool open, the other one - the one with slides - wasn't. There was no shop onsite open and the bar was dead. Of course the bonus was that the pool which was practically adjacent to our pitch was virtually a private pool for us!

We had a brilliant trip (driving all through France) and loved the area but I wouldn't return to that site, even at the height of the season.

kiwibella Thu 07-Jan-10 19:46:13

thanks for the responses. I've been wondering about what will be operating at this time. Interesting that you found it so warm Frosty - relieved really cos the brochure suggested about 20 degrees at this time of year? All we want to do is hang out at the beach. No doubt hubs will head out to explore the local area further.

I'll check the short haul thread too.

borderslass Sun 10-Jan-10 16:22:47

has la carrabasse been taken over we went on on a euro camp holiday there on recommendations and haven Europe had taken over and it was a bloody dump.

pinkteddy Sun 10-Jan-10 20:46:07

how long ago was that borderslass? We went to la carabasse last summer and thought it was lovely!

borderslass Mon 11-Jan-10 16:05:27

can't remember about 8 years but we'd been highly recommended to go as it was supposed to be lovely but if Siblu have taken over it stands to reason its back to being a nice site but in fairness to Euro camp they pulled out after over 25 years because of haven taking it over any tent/static not belonging to haven had been moved to the worst areas just awful but the couriers were fantastic.

mobilehome4rent Thu 28-Jan-10 19:11:22

Domaine de Kerlann is a Four Star Siblu Mobile Home Park near Pont-Aven in Brittany.

It has Indoor / Outdoor Swimming Pools, Bar, Retaurant, Take-Away, Evening Entertainment & Kids Clubs on site from April to September.

It's about 90 Mins drive from Roscoff if getting the Ferry or 45 Mins Drive from Lorient if flying.

The Siblu website is,if you want further information.

Alternatively you could also try, for details of a Privately Owned Mobile Home at the same campsite.

Kind Regards

Leslaki Sat 30-Jan-10 16:20:30

I'm going here in August - booked it becasue it's within wlaking distance of a beach and the resort/town/harbour. It's only 20 miles from Perpignan airport so should be able to get a train/taxi quite cheaply and won't need to hire a car!

MaryMotherOfCheeses Sun 09-Jan-11 13:52:23

We're planning Languedoc for May half term too. smile

pinkteddy when you say not much is open what sort of things? you mean campsites or other stuff?

I fancied La Carabasse but it's mostly Dutch / German isn't it? Not a problem per se, obviously, but DS is an only and will want to have other kids around he can play with. This is really important for us so the reviews on UK Camping which said this was a bit off putting.

And I've now just read Frosty's post. Crikey wil it be really quiet??? <bites nails>

Portofino Sun 09-Jan-11 14:13:44

We're going to La Carabasse in July. My experience of Siblu is that it is mainly French/English/Irish. Not many Germans at Lac Des Reves anyway. My dd is an only too.

Plus I don't think there IS a summer half term break in most European countries - certainly there isn't in Belgium - we go from Easter straight through to 30th June.

Portofino Sun 09-Jan-11 14:17:30

Mind you - we stopped off at Vias Plage a few years ago in May - we were on a canal boat. The weather was glorious and bars and restaurants were open, but the nearby funfair /go karting etc were all closed. And the sea was FREEZING.

And another note on Leslaki's post above. Lac des Reves is a lovely site - but it is NOT really walking distance to anything. Cycling distance maybe....The beach is a good 20 min drive.

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